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Scarpia1944 commented about Paris Adult Theatre on Jun 29, 2009 at 11:41 am

I am the son of Augustine Cianciolo,he did not build the theatre my Grand father Michael Cianciolo built in in 1939-40,My dad ran it.The Luciann is named after my aunt Lucy Cianciolo and my aunt Ann Cianciolo Angelo.In the early 1960’s dan turnned it into a bowling alley ,not very suscessful so in about 1966 he turned it into a night club,Very popular with the Memphis Sound artests and very popular with the public.I believe that The Luciann had the first lighted dance floor in the city.In the early 70’s the neigaborhood changed and so did the busness so it was sold to the Paris Adult Group,we asked if the concret letters could be removed they said no.I have fond memories of that movie house when I was a kid dad would have my birthday party’s there we would have 4 hour showings of Tarzan movies and Flash Gordon movies.But alas the days are gone.There is something that my dad told me once he said that there was a time capusel in the east cornerstone of the building he did not say what was there but knowing my dad is is something special.Thanks Michael Augustine Cianciolo 3390 Central Ave Memphis Tn.38111