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alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 with IMAX on Feb 19, 2017 at 11:12 pm

With properly made glasses though the laser system can allow for much better 3D with ZERO ghosting. Believe me the Reading install with the type 1 glasses was beyond phenomemonal 3D, miles better than all that polarized stuff. Miles better.

I don’t trust this theater for their type 2 glasses where the right lens doesn’t filter out the left eye signal well, only in a thin band in the middle of the right lenses. Ridiculous.

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 with IMAX on Feb 18, 2017 at 3:53 am

As far as I was concerned everything about the Reading Laser IMAX theater is perfection other than for the sound being way too loud (incredible quality just way insanely too loud, for sure these volumes will lead to permanent hearing damage if you see movies at any remote regularity without heavy duty ear plugs (at which point you lose all the amazing quality of the speakers) and I’m not really crazy about the butt kickers in the seats, maybe adds to it at times sure, but can also be uncomfortable too and rattle your head and neck and sometimes a little distracting, depending.

(this install also as the same insane volume levels of course, most theaters today do with IMAX ones though always guaranteed to always be uncomfortable and ear damaging and even louder than 85% or more of other super loud theaters; people have used sound meters and found peaks at least 117dB and sustained levels of 100dB and some movies at the louder theaters these days AVERAGING 95dB over two hours, I think someone found a showing that averaged 100dB for like 1hr45m)

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 with IMAX on Feb 18, 2017 at 3:46 am

@CHH32 “besides the blue lights on the floor, I don’t know if anyone has noticed, they also left a row of the ceiling lights on after the movie started(Not sure if they are lights or holes). They are straightly above the EXIT signs near the two entrances. You could see them when you look up or look at the walls above the EXIT signs, especially during the dark scenes”

I didn’t quite notice that or at least not note it to remember, but maybe it explains while the blacks, while pretty excellent compared to what you see anywhere today, still didn’t strike as quite the perfection they were in Reading with their Laser system run in a virtually pitch black theater.

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 with IMAX on Feb 18, 2017 at 3:44 am

@ vertigoman – “I can see the reflection of my own eyeballs in the glasses”

hmm that’s weird, you mean as sort of a general reflected blur or sharp details, since the glasses are only like what ½" inch from your pupil and that is way too close to see crisp detail, nobody can focus that close unless they are both very nearsighted and not wearing glasses or contacts (at which point the screen would be a total blur), unless they are doing some weird projection somehow

were those type 1 or type 2 glasses or both?

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 with IMAX on Feb 17, 2017 at 3:41 am

I wsih to hell Reading had not watched everyone exiting like hawks and I had been able to pocket a couple pairs of the working type 1 glasses. Could clean them up nicely and not have to worry about the typical dirty wreck that IMAX glasses are or the double vision mess of the faulty type 2 glasses.

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 with IMAX on Feb 17, 2017 at 3:40 am

That’s a shame then since I was hoping they were going 2D here since they’d finally admitted they didn’t coat the right lenses properly here.

As far as the blue light goes, I always sit dead center for 3D stuff and on a screen like this I’d never sit lower 1/3. Where I was the blue light stuff could not be seen (that said the blacks didn’t seem quite as utterly pitch as they did up in Reading where they really, really turn the house lights down old school, they just had the barest hints of lights on a few steps, it was awesomely dark like before everyone because paranoid of lawsuits for people tripping).

I’m surprised you could clearly see your own reflection since they glasses are so close they are too close for an eye too focus on, maybe you means something slightly different and maybe it only happens with bad seats like off to the edge (always terrible idea for any 3D movie just in general since it tends to confuse the eyes since the 3D projection was programmed for a head on view so it can cause eye fatigue or feel slightly off in an indescribable way) and way up front (maybe being that close lets the screen reflect into your eyes more off the lenses?). Whatever the case I didn’t see that with type 1 or type 2 glasses (I did see tons of reflections at Reading BEFORE the house ceiling lights got turned off, but who cares at that point, once they turned it off to start the movie it was just perfection).

I just wish to hell they had stuck with the type 1 glasses which gave a truly awesome, utterly perfect experience. Went from hands down the best, most revolutionary projection experience to a total mess with the faulty type 2 glasses and the ridiculously skinny little part in the center they coated the right lenses. I know the coatings are expensive but come on, cover the lens.

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Rockaway 16 on Feb 16, 2017 at 7:45 am

Rockaway has been AMC since since day one, since the early 80s at least, maybe very late 70s.

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Rockaway 16 on Feb 16, 2017 at 7:39 am

plus AMC card discounts add up and free online ticketing, etc.

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Rockaway 16 on Feb 16, 2017 at 7:39 am

I’d have to think they’d dump the Sparta 3 and not this major theater. I’d hate to see them dump this one, since AMC shows lots of the TCM classics and such that other chains don’t seem too. Not sure why they have to get rid of either. Do we even have Carmikes anywhere in the region?

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 with IMAX on Feb 16, 2017 at 6:55 am

I don’t get what the reflection talk is about since a proper laser imax shuts all house lights off. And I see many it turns out where complaing about reflections from people’s cellphones but come on that is the obnoxious cell phone user’s fault, not the glasses. That is distacting as heck even when not wearing glasses at all.

All it lead is them switching from awesome gen one glasses to messed up gen two glasses.

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 with IMAX on Feb 16, 2017 at 6:53 am

@hdtv267 – what he said is relevant since it means that one theater is showing it in 2D and one 3D so maybe it adds to the speculation that there is a specific reason they are not showing it 3D at this one, i.e. some issues with the glasses maybe.

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 with IMAX on Feb 16, 2017 at 6:49 am

The Laser IMAX 3D with the gen one glasses at Jordan’s Boston was AMAZING though. Bar none far and away the best 3D I’ve ever seen. For some reason the glasses, at least a good it seems, of the gen two glasses they gave to Lincoln Square IMAX have messed up right lenses. The coating only blocks the left eye signal in the center of the lens so if your eyes are narrow spaced the left side of the screen gets doubling, regular widish spaced then you see the edges of the screen doubled, wide spaced then maybe the right side looks a bit doubled.

They shoulda just stuck with the amazing gen one glasses. I"m telling you TFA in Laser 3D in Boston was mind blowingly good 3D. Absolutely zero ghosting, amazing detail, great color, fantastic blacks, wide dynamic range, just the most natural 3D I’ve ever seen bar none. Literally like you were wearing no glasses and just there.

But they messed up at least some, maybe most to all of the glasses at this install, bad right lenses as best as I could tell. A shame since the laser install and screen and all seem to be working fine.

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Garden State 16 on Feb 4, 2017 at 4:37 am

“John Fink on August 25, 2010 at 3:58 pm: The IMAX here is one of the least immersive and underwhelming I’ve seen. The screen isn’t wall to wall as they’re are two access corridors to the exits behind the screen.”

Ah man, so I finally got around to actually seeing an IMAX movie at this theater and the screen is HUGE. I don’t know how you came up with that statement above. I can now verify it’s not even remotely true (well it is true it isn’t wall to wall). This is the largest digiIMAX screen I’ve seen. I can’t believe I let that comment make me write this screen off all these years without even bothering to give it a try. This is way bigger than the Empire 25 IMAX.

I could swear it’s bigger than the Rockaway IMAX, which itself is about as large as most of the digiIMAX usually get and larger than the Empire 25 IMAX, for instance.

And all these years I’m complaining about how they subdivided the old giant screen and then tore down the old Stanley Warner Paramus and how they never gave Paramus back a screen as big and it turns out this IMAX here is almost certainly just a bit larger than that old Stanley Warner screen had been (the auditorium is way smaller though of course, that one sat a crazy 2000 people! but the screen is what counts the most and this one is I think probably a couple feet or so wider). So for heading towards almost a decade now there has been a screen as big or bigger around.

It’s the biggest non-true-IMAX screen I’ve ever seen (well other than for Mann’s Chinese out in LA). I guess Lincoln Square’s largest non-IMAX is pretty huge too, I think this one is even a little bit larger though, certainly taller than that one since that is not digiIMAX 1.90:1 but wider aspect ratio.

I think it’s heading towards being as wide as the old true IMAX that they just tore down in that mall near Nyack NY, although maybe it falls a touch shy of that. If it were wall to wall (and it’s not due to the exits), I’d dare say it’d be likely even wider than the old true Nyack IMAX. That would give it another 8' width or so. For anything other than full 1.44:1 IMAX ratio I think this screen actually gives just about the same impressive feel as that one.

I do think they have the volume up a bit higher than the auditorium can handle since it seems to get some structural resonances during certain loud parts and really would sound better if they lowered the volume a touch (would be more comfortable listening volume that way anyway since loud parts, as is so incredibly common these days, are into hearing damaging zone).

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Clifton Commons 16 on Jan 20, 2017 at 1:49 am

Other than for the two big houses here, as best as I can recall the other screens ranged from fairly small (probably the size of the very smallest screens at the Rockaway AMC) to true old 80s multiplex shoebox size (very noticeably smaller than anything at the new Rockaway AMC more like some of the tiny ones at Parsippany which also has pretty much small to shoebox screens other than for the two bigger ones).

(Smallest all time screen I have ever seen was one of the ones at the old Paramus Stanley Warner after their final round of sub-dividing. They took the giant 2000 double deck palace and split it eventually eight screens! on two levels. Once saw a movie in one of those and it was seriously barely larger than the biggest HDTV you find today. I seriously don’t think it was more than 10 feet wide!)

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Clifton Commons 16 on Jan 20, 2017 at 1:43 am

I was wondering why no movies seemed to be listed for #8 when I checked back in December and again today. I was hoping it had meant when they put in the IMAX they had combined the two THX houses into one really huge IMAX screen. I guess not though.

Haven’t seen a movie here in a long time. Perhaps getting back to the Attack of the Clones days!

I liked their THX screen back then since the speakers were both great and not absurdly ear-damaging loud like at most places. THX quality sound but with the loud but reasonable volume most theaters used to use way back once upon a time.

It wasn’t the world’s biggest screen but not too bad in size, especially for back then. I wonder how big it is now that they converted it to IMAX. I’d guess it has to be at least a bit smaller than the Rockaway IMAX since I just see how they could fit a screen that size in there and certainly no match for the Paramus IMAX.

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Garden State 16 on Jan 15, 2017 at 8:00 am

I don’t know what the top grossing one in the state is but apparently AMC says it is their premiere, head theater in all of Northern NJ at the very least. Any special anything always gets done at this screen, if anywhere it seems.

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Garden State 16 on Jan 15, 2017 at 7:57 am

As for the rest of the theater…. I didn’t peak at #1 but it has a huge seating capacity and the screen is probably pretty large.

I peaked at #2 the IMAX. Looking in it actually looked to me larger than Rockaway IMAX screen (which itself it a touch larger than the IMAX screen at the Empire 25 near the Port Authority Bus Terminal which I think they say is 57' or 58' screen). I had avoided bothering with it since someone had posted here that it was the tiniest most underwhelming IMAX experience they ever had. But I guess they were just comparing to the old 15/70 full size true IMAX screens or something because this is the biggest 1.90:1 digital IMAX screen I have seen anywhere yet. I now think the Paramus IMAX might be the biggest screen in all of northern NJ (although I haven’t seen the IMAX near the Newark Airport yet). Actually I think it is probably the biggest screen in the entire state of NJ other than for two true IMAX screens in the Atlantic City area way down south. I mean I could be wrong but I could swear it looked larger than the Rockaway one. Going by seat count across and how many seats wide it seemed to be I think it was a number of seats wider. I think it’s 32-33 seats wide while I think the Rockaway is probably more like 29 seats wide? Could be wrong.

I also peaked at #3 the Dolby Cinama screen and that looked pretty large too. Not quite sure how big it is but I think it’s probably at least as big as the Rockaway IMAX and it could be bigger.

And I think it is #5 that is also pretty large, although I didn’t see it. It’s probably like the larger non-IMAX screens at Rockaway.

So other than for the one screen out of 16 I think this theater doesn’t have any of those horrible small screens. Rockaway has none (Rockaway has a pretty decent #8 IMAX screen size for digital, maybe 60'-61' and then 3 other screens that are pretty large, all over 50' and at least two of three like 56'-57' these are #1,#9,#16 and then #2,#7,#10,#15 are somewhat smaller bit still pretty large as multiplex screens go; #4,#5,#12,#13 are the smallest, but still not bad by old 80s or city multiplex standards).

Reading theater in Manville NJ also has some larger screens (also some very tiny ones). The two big ones I think are at least as wide as the Rockaway IMAX but 2.35:1 ratio and I think a little bit shorter.

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Garden State 16 on Jan 15, 2017 at 7:55 am

Ended up going there and #10 seated something like 211, most of the rest down that end of the theater seat more like 264, but, as so often, seating capacity has nothing to do with screen size. I peaked in at most of the screens at that end and regardless of seating they all had the same size screen aside from #12 which had a much larger screen (much larger than the other 264 seaters down at that end which all had the same size screen as the 211 and smaller capacity auditoriums there). I didn’t see either #15 or #16, I think one of those two actually also has a much larger screen and probably seats well over 264.

Anyway most of the screens down there are not huge screens but they are decent. Much bigger than tiny shoe box screens some places have. And in one of those old 80s style multiplexes, like the old Rockaway theater or the Parsippany they would have actually been among the very larger screens.

I think this theater probably only has one really small screen out of the 16. I think it is near the bathrooms across from the food stands, maybe it is #4 (or perhaps it is #6,7,8,9?). Walking past that area, the door was open and I could see straight down the aisle to the screen. I just glanced from a distance but it looked really small, like a small old 80s multiplex smaller size screen. Pretty sure that one is much smaller than the smallest ones at Rockaway (which aren’t that bad, probably similar to #10 and a bunch at that end here, or only just a bit smaller).

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 with IMAX on Jan 14, 2017 at 5:37 am

As far as reflections, I did notice the Boston glasses seemed very reflective and recall being worried at first, with the house lights up it seemed worrisome, but then when the movie started they turned off every single last light to zero and it was like pitch black at that theater so no issues whatsoever.

At Lincoln Square they seemed reflective, maybe a bit less so though than Boston I think, but it was a year apart, can’t be sure, the Boston glasses might have been smaller and a bit more reflective but man they worked so much better and with the lights all off who cares about the reflections IMO. They also made it pretty dark here too, don’t recall seeing any lights in my direct line of view at all. I think they kept a few dark ones in the stairs on but couldn’t see them from our dead center (and 2 rows from the back) seats. So I had zero reflection problems here with the movie going.

Maybe the SanFran theater kept some of the line of sight lights on and that gave you the trouble there.

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 with IMAX on Jan 14, 2017 at 5:33 am

@xbs2034 – huh but no bad ghosting and dbl images or loss of detail etc at Rogue one here at all? Not maybe sitting off to the left and forced to look through them to the right (which might mask some of the issue)?

Ah man, if you actually had working glasses then I’m really bummed I hadn’t known what was going on in time to get new pairs and see if they worked. Had really been looking forward to this (plus the expense and trouble of getting to NYC) so quite the bummer. Was really counting on a great experience, biggest Star Wars fan around. :(

Anyway I’d still be cautious about this theater for now. We had two for two identically bum glasses and even if ‘only’ 50% of the glasses here are bum that would mean we had only ¼ chance to both get bum pairs so I wonder if maybe even more than 50% are bum. Who knows. Darn.

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 with IMAX on Jan 13, 2017 at 10:18 pm

Laser 3D also should have no problems since polarization isn’t involved AFAIK. Laser lets you send out light at a very specific frequency so they can construct multiple sets of primaries that are fairly similar and, AFAIK, they use notch filters to filter out the specific primaries they use for R,G and B (and they might even use two sets of similar for each eye at least to try to get around metameric differences between people’s eyes to try to insure someone with odd cones doesn’t get left out) for the left eye signal from the right and vice versa. I could swing my head all over the place and looking through my left eye only here saw no ghosting. So you can send out strong signals, with no compromise, to each eye and just notch out 100% the left eye image from the right and vice-versa in a way that the polarized screens never quite manage. The single frequency a laser can send out lets them be able to make a basically 100% filter without having any noticeable damage to color fidelity. Unless they ended up doing something different in the end. (of course it is a bit trickier than it sounds since the eye’s response is tricky and varies a bit person to person so they probably had to do lots of tuning and testing and maybe send out double sets of primaries to each maybe and so on)

And in Boston, where the glasses seemed to be properly coated, strongly and fully edge to edge across both left and right eye lenses, it was just perfect, not even a trace of ghosting. Even regular IMAX Xenon 3D has tiny faint traces of ghosting even sitting ideally (although in most theaters it seems less to me than with Real 3D; as for Doldby 3D supposedly they don’t use polarization and use the method you mention, but I was pretty disappointed in it the one time I went, colors didn’t seem rich, contrast and brightness poor, I liked Real3D better for sure and IMAX 3D much better and in some ways IMAX 15/70 3D better still (although was mixed compared to IMAX 3D) but none of them come close to the Boston Laser 3D IMAX, that is just perfection (and I think Lincoln Square would be the same if the right lenses in some to many of the glasses here were not messed up and had the proper right eye filter coating across the entire lens and not just the center, since the 3D seemed perfect and ghost free center and right side of the screen).

So they

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 with IMAX on Jan 13, 2017 at 8:34 pm

@xbs2034 – what did you hate about the glasses in SF? just the small lens size (and maybe the rims cutting off FOV if you say close??) or actual visual artifacts? (I could be wrong but I thought the glasses at the Boston one had been even smaller than the ones here, but sitting near the back of the theater the small size didn’t impact anything and the way the high quality lenses just showed an utterly perfect 3D image like I’ve never seen before so I way prefer those ones)

And you really saw no double images at Rogue One here? Nothing weird at all? Not even at the edges? Were you sitting in the center (or maybe way to the left and thus naturally kind of looking sideways to the right?)?

If I turned my head even a touch to look towards the right side the double images would be over the entire left side of the screen. Some scenes hid it to an extent and you might not realize there was doubling going on or just think the area was a little blurry or OOF or something but closing one eye and then the other eye you could see all sorts of patterns and texture were doubled with the right eye and when it came to bright lines and stars it was pretty darn clear that with one eye you see a line and a star and then with the other eye you’d see two stars in the same area and two sets of lines, not all that subtle either so not like that very faint ghosting you often see in any regular 3D (15/70 3D, IMAX Xenon, Real3D, etc.) across the frame. Maybe if someone wasn’t paying attention they just think it’s a jubmle or stars and lines and textures all over and somehow not realize there is double imaging going on, espcially if they didn’t realize how utterly 100.00% perfect from ANY hint ghosting or artifact of any type laser imax 3D is when viewed with properly made glasses.

Just wondering if they actually do have some good glasses here. Sure wishing if good glasses do exist here I had known and kept going back until I got good ones at the start.

Currently I couldn’t recommend the IMAX here for 3D since I don’t trust the odds to get a good pair and to have to dash back and forth possibly trying 2,3,10,20 pairs during the short 3D previews and the start of feature film would be an annoying mess.

Unless our luck was so monstrously bad that they only have like say 20 bad pairs out of 480 or something and we got 2 of the 20.

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 with IMAX on Jan 13, 2017 at 8:18 pm

@makrp – you can laugh at digital 3D and digital in general, but let me tell you the laser IMAX 3D they have up Boston with the glasses there was utterly mind-blowing, so far superior to 15/70 3D, better contrast, better brightness with darks probably even darker, zero ghosting, the 3D was so utterly naturally and smooth like infinite levels of subtle depth you literally felt like you were not wearing glasses and simply there in person on scene in a way I’ve just never felt with Real 3D/Dolby 3D/IMAX 15/70 3D/IMAX Digital Xenon 3D, even more subtle as well as richer colors; it was the most mind-blowing revolutionary new feeling I’d had in a theater since my first 3D movie ever (Avatar in 15/70 3D) and the original Star Wars on a giant screen with 70mm projection and Dolby Surround way back in ‘77 in the huge 2000 seat Stanley Warner Paramus.

but as with anything things can be messed up, I’ve seen there are a couple auditoriums at my local theater where the regular digital projectors appear to become uncalibrated and they have a bit of loss of detail and color fringing; but don’t forget the ways film projection could be messed up at times and the the way prints would look so faded so quickly so there was always the rush to get in a good viewing right away, with digital you can still enjoy the same quality if you go back and get in a final viewing 4 weeks later as on the first few days. And the 4k projectors when given 4k material definitely show more detail than the 35mm projection ever did (unless maybe you are some big wig and get a special more direct copy print unlike any regular theater ever gets and even then the detail would be probably the same at best even if a K64/K25 slide might have more tha 8MP detail but you never get to see that projected as a movie).

and sadly, at least with the glasses we got for Rogue One at Lincoln yesterday. I wish I knew it was the glasses that were the issue earlier on and had run back and tried a bunch more pairs. It seemed too disruptive to try that half way in and with my friends pair seeming the same I had figured all were bad, but maybe not.

Also, film also can and has been shown in 3D and you get into wanting to be centered in the theater and so on there too. And the new laser imax can also do 2D of course and even here with the 3D sadly messed up (at least for some decent number of the glasses here) and i haven’t seen 2D laser imax ever get messed up (not that I’ve seen it a lot).

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 with IMAX on Jan 13, 2017 at 6:32 am

@Imax123 – “I’ve also heard IMAX laser has a better picture quality at 1:90 than at 1:43 because it’s native aspect ratio is 1:90 like the IMAX digital,”

That definitely was not my impression at the Boston 3D IMAX. Someone at the DC Laser IMAX was claiming they just digitally zoomed in for the 1.43 screens with the projector and it looked all pixelated, giant visible pixels and terrible, but I think that guy either didn’t know what he was talking about or was making stuff up to trash digital since he came across as an extreme film lover. Or maybe somehow they totally messed up the install down there.

At the Boston 3D IMAX though the 1.43 scenes in TFA were AMAZING! If anything I thought they even seemed to have crisper detail, at the least I sure didn’t see anything to complain about. The 2.35:1 stuff and the 1.43:1 stuff both looked amazing.

alpinedownhiller commented about AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 with IMAX on Jan 13, 2017 at 6:09 am

@Movie_time – hmm so you think your left had the issues? not left side of screen but left eye? are you sure it was not left side of screen but issue caused by the right eye? what side of the theater did you sit at? left, center, right? on my friend and I’s glasses I managed to clearly see a major defect of similar nature on both right lenses (the left looked a little dodgy since the coating seemed to fade from green to near clear at the far edges but that said the left eye seemed to work totally fine as far as I could tell; the right lens though didn’t just fade from pink to clearer it faded from pink to starting to shade green like the eye eye is supposed to be; also note these colors only apply to looking at the spectrum of the fluorescent light bulbs they have there, under full spectrum light or with laser primaries there is no tinting)

was it really just a little blur and ghosting at the left corner or over a much wider area of the screen if you looked all around?

if yours was just a left eye problem and just on one corner then maybe my friend and I simply got a really, really bum pair here and wished we’d known in time to go ask for a new pair.

at the very least it seems the QC for their glasses here is dodgy. And the 3D part of the previews is show sort it doesn’t give a lot of time to go down ask for another pair and perhaps repeat a few times. what a mess that would be too, disturbing everyone again and again and if half the theater is needing to do that….