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someguy1 commented about Microwave Popcorn Harmful to Your Health? on Mar 1, 2005 at 6:25 am

I found this site in an investigation on possible damaging effects of microwave popcorn vapors on people. If someone cooks it, I cannot go into the same room for a good hour without getting really sick. My chest tightens up, I get bad nausea and feel like I am going to puke but dont. My co-workers give me crap because I complain I don’t like the smell. Not only is it disgusting but it makes me feel very ill as well, even long after I can’t smell it. ACT II seems to be the one that is the worst of all. I noticed some comments regarding hydrogenated oils suspended with water vapor. I know hydrogenated oils are hazardous but could there be more underlying causes to any chemicals that could be wreaking such havoc? Why would I get extremely sick while others remain unfazed?