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Stilllovethemovies712 commented about Amboy Multiplex Cinemas on Dec 29, 2018 at 12:14 am

Thanks markp for letting me know where the auditoriums were located in the multiplex. As I wrote, I didn’t frequent it as much as other movie theaters in the area, so honestly couldn’t remember where they were located in that never-ending hallway. If someone parked their car behind auditoriums 1 and 2, it would take several minutes to walk to the front of the building. I recollect that very well. And thanks for letting me know that there was a box office on both the right hand side and left hand side near the entrance. I honestly thought there were 2 box offices, since I recall my late dad buying tickets from the one on the left hand side a few times, but couldn’t remember for sure.

And it will be interesting to see what happens with the property heading forward. It has already been 13 years since it shut down, so I can’t believe something hasn’t been done with the land yet. However, if the land is a clean-up site, I do kind of understand. But, it would be nice if they could redevelop it one of these days. As you wrote, a Drive-In theater would probably do really well there during the warmer months. I also think a weekend flea market could potentially do well at that location during the summer months.

Stilllovethemovies712 commented about Amboy Multiplex Cinemas on May 26, 2018 at 1:46 am

Hey. I used to go to this multiplex every once in a while back in the mid-90s and even though I didn’t see movies at it as often as I saw them at other movie theaters, I continue to think about it a lot, since I fear the same thing may happen to one of my current go-to theaters in the Central NJ area. Anyway, some of the things I remember most about this theater were the green seats, the fact that it seemed like it took forever to walk to the front of the building/entrance depending on where you parked your car in the parking lot, the fact that it seemed like there were so many doors you could exit the building from and the never-ending hallway you’d sometimes have to walk down to get to the auditorium the movie you were planning to see was showing in. I also remember the locations of the restrooms very well. One thing I can’t recollect too well is the areas where tickets were sold. I remember there was a register where you could buy tickets from on the right hand side when you walked into the multiplex. But, didn’t they also have a register that sold tickets on the left hand side, too? Or am I not remembering the areas where they sold tickets correctly? Also, can anyone remember the exact location of the auditoriums in the building. For example, where were auditoriums 1 and 2 in proximity to where you would give the ticket taker your tickets? Were they to the right in that never-ending hallway or to the left? And what about auditoriums 13 and 14? Where were they located in the building? Thanks for any information you can provide me. And honestly, I still kind of miss this place. It was definitely one of the bigger and nicer multiplexes in the Central NJ area back in the day. I feel it is still a shame what happened to it.