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SusanLocke commented about Tiffin Theatre on Sep 2, 2011 at 6:47 pm

Since I lived on Rockwell and North, I mostly attended the Crystal Theatre on North ave. But occasionally like one night when I was about nine my Father came home and took us to the Tiffen show , we were already in bed and we just put clothes on over our pjs… this was a great memory for me because we rarely did this. We got to stay up and see TWENTY THOUSAND LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA. I was told not to say anything to my friends or teachers cause I was alittle sleepy the next day. But I did anyway ha ha ha..I went there when I was in sixth grade with a classmate and we went into the candy shop next door, I had a pineapple float. When we came out we noticed a stray dog, young but not a puppy. He was a Spitz/mix with Border Collie. I did not want to leave him there on the street so I took him home, and after a fight….I got to keep him, and named him Pudgie. He was a great loyal dog. The Tiffen was fancier than the Cyrstal…but nice . I would love to communicate with anyone who lived in the neighborhood, around Humboldt Park,,,near the Tiffen…contact me at or Susan Besaw on FaceBook thanks !!!

SusanLocke commented about Oak Theatre on Sep 2, 2011 at 6:33 pm

I went to the Oak Theatre in time span of the late Forties and early Fifties, saw Roy Roger and Dale evans there….saw Cisco and Pancho in person one Saturday on the way to the show. And Cisco’s horse Diaboblo..I am sure I spelled that wrong. I was really young, and in the seventies I tried to show my Children all the different shows I had gone to and unfortunately most were showing porn by then….Oak, Crystal, Tiffen, and the Rockne. In those days show admission was a whole quarter for many hours of movies and normally 2 cartoons too..when I was under five we lived on Stave Street, and then moved to the other house on the same lot Bingham Street…one block from the Ravenswood El.The producer from the Kuckla Fran and Ollie show lived in our neighborhood…I would love to hear from anyone who attened Chase Grade School, I went to kindergarten there. Or someone who lived in the neighbord…contact me at or Susan Besaw on Face Book…would love to make a neighbor hood connection.

SusanLocke commented about Crystal Theater on Sep 2, 2011 at 6:17 pm

I would go to the show almost every Saturday for showtime with my siter and brother and friends. for only a quarter addmission. I lived on Rockwell right of North Ave from thirteen years, attended Von Humboldt Grade School. I watched Disney films and all the Godzilla, Rodan, Attack of the Killer Schrews and many many more. I saw the High and the Mighty with John Wayne….North to Alaska…there with my MOM. We used to attend The Record Hop Dances in the Crystal Ballroom in the same building. You could go early for cartoons and a raffle drawings on Saturday Mornings. Would love to hear from anyone who lived near this classic Theatre. or in the Humboldt Park Neighborhood..write me at or contact Susan Besaw on Face Book..hope to hear from you !!!!

SusanLocke commented about Rockne Theatre on Sep 2, 2011 at 6:00 pm

I lived in one of the two apartments above the theatre from Oct 1962 thru Oct 1963, we moved here from Rockwell and North Ave, I had transferred from Tuley High School. I loved that year. Attended Austin High School. But living there was totally unusual. You could hear the sounds of the movies , because the Projection Room was right down the hall. The Music Man was playing the week that we moved in and the next week it was The Birds !!!! Noisey. We had to go down into the lobby , by the main front doors to pick up our mail. And it was just neat being a teenager there. There on either sides of the stage , were dressing rooms. We were only there a year and moved to Stone Park after here in 1963 and I attended Proviso West then. I would love to here from any fellow students from Austin who knew about and attended the Rockne….contact me at or Susan Besaw on Face Book…would love to hear from you !!!