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Sylvia commented about Palace Theater on Nov 2, 2004 at 10:48 am

I used to dance at the palace from early 70’s as a small child to 1982 when my family moved to PA. I have great memories of this theater, complete with holding up our feet during practices be cause we were afraid of rats, to the magical transformation opening night! There was a HUGE chandellier in the foyer-impressive!-very fond memories!

Sylvia commented about Rialto Theatre on Nov 2, 2004 at 6:38 am

I attend the Door fellowship and am so glad it’s being appreciated! It amazing, all the hard work that the congregation and pastors did to restore the rialto. I have only been in attendance since 1999, however everyone is so nice thay made me feel at home… I can see how working on a project that great would bring people together! From the pictures I saw of the restoration process and the stories to go along with them… it’s amazing the persistance! They dug out a functional basement, starting with a dirt bucket brigade, and now have a number of classrooms, a fellowship hall, and a small kitchen. Remember this is all done by only a few handfull of people. The church number was very small but is now well over 300 in attendance. The church is open usually from 10-4 week days and service starts at 10 on Sunday with a kicking P&W band including electric guitars,conga drums, keyboard, organ, ect. To hear the acoustics they recorded a CD in house of popular P&W (contemporary), any one interested can call the church ($10). Ugh! this is starting to sound like a comercial-sorry, I’m just so excited to share how a group of people with common goals came together and acomplished much!– once a heap of a mess, now a mighty place of worship.-syl.