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taurisith commented about AMC Chestnut Hill 5 on Jan 19, 2011 at 9:03 pm

Hi – sorry to post after all this time, just found this and I must say… wow. I work at Chestnut Hill 5, in fact just wrapping up my projection training next week. These pictures are amazing – the place is barely recognizable today. Far from the days when it was cutting edge, we are one of the smaller cinemas in this market and the budget reflects the neglect the company pays us. As for the concession per capita average, you can’t even buy a small drink for $4, and that’s an interesting definition of “small” (sizes are actually “large”, “larger”, “small bathtub”). We still have most of the same Christie projectors – except for our one digital cinema. We have received 3 more digital screens and are awaiting installation, but best estimates put installation around May. We have such a small daily count the company doesn’t care about the dark lobby, aging equipment or second-hand films – today we got less than 100 people. But despite the extra work it takes to keep the old cinema in guest-worthy condition, I couldn’t think of a place I’d like to work more. My co-workers are great, I absolutely love the popcorn and most of all,the experience is one of a kind.