Photos favorited by TLSLOEWS

  • <p>From Don Baker’s scrapbook.</p>
  • <p>The year is 1949.</p>
  • <p>projection booth, these machines moved over from the Chicago theatre when they upgraded their equipment</p>
  • <p>Taken in 1953 (see Brigadoon on one of the other marquees), this rare color nighttime photo shows the vibrant theater row of Market Street San Francisco.  Most of the theaters shown here are now either demolished or closed.</p>
  • <p>Taken from the upper level in 2011</p>
              <p>Hasselblad 501CM<br>160NC</p>
  • <p>Usherettes from 1972 reopening of the Milton, PA Capitol Theatre.</p>
  • <p>Recreation of Paramount lettering and replica vintage marquee. Originally created for WWF theme restaurant, now a Hard Rock Cafe.</p>
  • <p>1993 image.</p>
  • <p>Blue mood</p>
  • <p>Color change</p>