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  • <p>Loew’s trio on July 10th, 1950</p>
  • <p>Bogart versus Cagney on September 13th, 1945</p>
  • <p>1928 exterior shot</p>
  • <p>4/7/61</p>
  • <p>5/1/52</p>
  • <p>“Let’s Go Out to the Movies!” (November 8th, 1950)</p>
  • <p>February 11, 1928</p>
  • <p>3/15/51</p>
  • <p>1935 front of the Loew’s Midland in Kansas City.</p>
  • <p>The neighboring Loew’s State and Metropolitan theaters in downtown Houston</p>
  • <p>One thousand Houston men are sworn in as servicemen during a Memorial Day rally to replace the crew of the USS Houston, which had sunk during the Battle of Sunda Strait just a few months earlier. Bayou City residents also helped raise $85 million in war bonds, enough to both replace the Houston and construct a new aircraft carrier, the San Jacinto, 1942.</p>
  • <p>Via the Traces Of Texas Facebook page:
              A mass induction ceremony into the U.S. Navy on Main Street in downtown Houston, 1942. This photo comes from the very fine FLICKR page maintained by UT’s Briscoe Center for American History, which you can view here:</p>
              <p>Dan Zabcik writes:
              This is almost certainly a photo of the swearing in ceremony of the famous “Houston Volunteers,” on May 30, 1942, one thousand men who were sworn in en masse to provide a crew for the second cruiser to be named USS Houston (CL-81), which took the place of the first Houston (CA-30), which had been sunk at the Battle of Sunda Strait very early on March 1st, 1942.</p>
              <p>You can read about the Houston Volunteers on Wikipedia.</p>
  • <p>Great shot of the Loew’s State with a brilliant masked front for “Gone with the Wind” on February 7, 1940.</p>
  • <p>Night view with “Eskimo” signage (1933)</p>
  • <p>11/22/44</p>
  • <p>11/8/44</p>
  • <p>11/15/44</p>
  • <p>Up and down Jamaica Avenue on May 6th, 1932</p>
  • <p>5/27/55</p>
  • <p>Al Jolson at Loew’s Triboro on August 12th, 1949</p>