Photos favorited by TLSLOEWS

  • <p>“Ohio State Journal,” August 5, 1948</p>
  • <p>“Ohio State Journal,” May 27, 1955</p>
  • <p>Here it is Summer 1993 all that is left of the FOX DRIVE-in a speaker pole..</p>
  • <p>Fun Fact: How did the restoration team find the perfect sample of what the original lobby wallpaper looked like? It was behind this plaque!</p>
  • <p>A specially lettered marquee for Fire Prevention Week, October 1955.  The film was Desert Sands, the side of the marquee is still being changed.  A rare night photo. Courtesy of the Fire Museum of Memphis, used with permission.</p>
  • <p>Source: “Shared Pleasures: A History of Movie Presentation in the United States” by Douglas Gomery</p>
  • <p>“Columbus Dispatch”</p>
  • <p>“Ohio State Journal,” March 9, 1951</p>