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TiffCoppock commented about Mayan Theatre on May 7, 2007 at 3:51 am

Tell ya’ll what, I will e-mail a copy of the nomination and pictures (they’re large to qualify for the national register) to anyone who’s interested. I am so excited to have gotten a hold of you, Kim! Those pesky organs keep popping up. Maybe I should head over to the Paramount and the Presbyterian Church just to confirm! This has been pretty much the story of nominating the Mayan- a lot of things are being contradicted or we can’t confirm! argh! My e-mail is for anyone who’s interested or has any leads. Thanks again! Tiff

TiffCoppock commented about Mayan Theatre on May 4, 2007 at 7:09 pm

Hi! I’m doing the National Register Nomination for the Mayan! I would desparately like to speak with the woman who’s husband’s grandparents were married at the theater. I have found some information that you might find interesting. In response to some other comments: I have very colorful interior shots like you wouldn’t believe, as well as recent and historical photos, I don’t have a record of the Mayan ever closing either- just not being taken care of or doing well, I’m guessing there were two organs because another one ended up at the Epiphany Lutheran Church when the talkies came in ( and I also have found someone who used to play the organ in the 30s, I also have that it was a Fox Intermountain theater- and there is a photo at DPLs Western History and Genealogy, you’re right that last seat count I found was 800 seats (but this was before an ADA issue), and call the box office to get the phone numbers of the directors for info on running a theater. I can always use more information, opinions, insight, etc!!! Thanks so much!