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toes commented about Globe Theater on Jan 23, 2005 at 9:54 am

Joe Masher is right the theater never had a balcony. The theater is now a furniture store and still looks very much the same. The lobby wall with small guard rail is still intact. The walls haven’t changed much and the old stage has furniture on it. Everything is painted white and all lit up (it was a real treat for me because I have never seen it this way) The store owner said the downstairs is storage and I was unable to see it, This is where the bathrooms were and a small screening room (it’s original perpose is unknown to me) All the above info is right of course the old projection room could have been a “small” balcony in it hay days. Dose anybody have any pictures of the globe theater as it was before it turned into a porn theater. Those of us who know the place would love to see them. Thanks, Toes.