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trixie commented about Picture Show at Main Place on Feb 13, 2005 at 8:25 pm

I too experienced the horrible sound in Sponge Bob back on December 31st. As we have two small children we rarely get to the movies, and this was a special treat for us, spending our 10th wedding anniversary out and with the kids. I requested a change of movies due to the poor sound and was given the okay to see The series of Unfortunate events, which was starting about 40 min. later. I then asked permission if we could sit in the Incredibles until the movie started, there was 10 min. left. The concession lady was pleasant and she said she thought it was okay, I said I just wanted to ask so as to not be accussed of theater hopping, (something that I have never, ever done in my life). Later, The manager was overheard yelling to his clean up staff more than once, actually treating them like a bunch of useless fools, he being the only one of ability. As we walked over to the gaming section to wait out our remaining 25 min. he went off on us and started yelling at us and accussing us of theater switching. I felt extremely uncomfortable, and my husband was in the restroom. I attempted to tell him what had gone on and that I had asked permission. He went on and on belittling me infront of a group of people. My son started to cry and I too became teary eyed, totally shocked by his rude actions. I walked off and then melted down. My kids were bugging me for money to play the games and I needed to get to an atm machine. I was uncomfortable asking permission from the manager to exit the building because I thought he wouldn’t let me in. I approached him in an apologetic manner in case I had been too sensitive, and I humbled myself, the man whom he called himself the OWNER, became completely unglued and went crazy on me. I then became shaken up and tears were filling up in my eyes, I tried to explain myself to this out of control yelling baboon! I said very clearly that the employees working for him would validate my story and he said no they won’t if they want to keep their jobs! This on top of the extra surcharges for using an atm to buy the tickets. I still can’t believe how upset he made me and how absolutely horrible he was!!!! I was able to pull myself together and watch the movie with my family but to be honest, I am still pissed off and want to seriesly go off on the a—hole. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, one of his workers said in passing by, nice boss huh? I asked him why he would even work there, he said it was actually his last day, that he had had it up to here and was having a hard time not going off on the f—cking a—hole!!!!! Needless to say, you get what you pay for and I got ripped off!!!!!!!!!!