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veganbuddha1 commented about Argo Theater on Apr 8, 2007 at 3:10 pm

Thank you for some of the history of this Theater Robbie. I only started going to this Theater in the late 70’s. I remember seeing the first Star Trek Movie there. I use to love it because it was a nice walk from where I lived and it was cheap. When I started going it was considered a second run theater. I remember there two fires in or around the theater. I think I heard someone say the first fire was from a Jewelry store and the second was in the the theater itself. I thin it closed after the second fire. Sorry I can’t remember the years of the fire. I will assume it was around 83. I think this because by the time I started going to college, 85, the theater was closed for a few years.
All my friends loved gong there. No matter what the rating of the movie was they sold you a ticket. That was so cool back then.
One day my Mom and I went to see Superman and in the middle of the movie someone had a heart attack. It freaked my Mom out and we had to leave. Never really found out what happened to that guy.
A friend and I saw Raiders of the Lost Arc twice in a row. I never did that before, and never again.
It was a fun there with a cool atmosphere about it. I never found a theater like that since.