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VernonR commented about Angels 5 Theatre on Apr 30, 2004 at 2:17 pm

I have the privelege of being the assistant manager at this fine theatre and I am glad to see it recognized on a website so appropriately titled. It is still in excellent condition although the new auditoriums have not been completed and will not be completed until the end of this summer. You notice that auditorium is plural. Yes we will have two new theatres which will not change the existing theatres at all. We also have a new and improved lobby which will soon have a whole new concessions stand where we will be able to serve more than just popcorn, soda and candy. We have collected a lot of memorabilia from its original days and if you would like to check it out the bos is always willing to share his knowledge of the theatre with you, or his knowledge of film. Aside from showing independant films at the theatre he teaches a class on film appreciation and has limitless knowledge on the topic if you care to discuss it with him.