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VinceV commented about Strand Theatre on Jan 18, 2011 at 12:51 pm

Then I hear it. A sound from above, the second level.
“Click … click, click … click, click, click.”
I look up. I see a haze of smoke sixty feet up hovering near the ceiling. The ceiling lights shine through the haze, creating a hellish orange glow. Then I realize what the sound is- it’s the sound of dozens of lighters firing off.
I hear a woman’s “Ahhh … ughhh … ahhh!” not from the movie, but a live voice from above. Then I hear a man’s voice: “Yeahhh take it all bitch!”
I look up. There' s something peaking over the second floor railing above. My eyes focus. Those are a chick‘s breasts flopping over the railing. Somebody unseen is pounding her from behind. This is unrestrained chaos, blatantly defying the laws of decent civilization. I love it.
I return to the lobby. The Indian guy’s reading a magazine and doesn’t look up. Above him is a sign: “No Smoking, No Drugs, No Lewd Conduct- No Exceptions!” I walk up two flights of stairs to the upper level and push through the ratty red curtain.
I can’t see. There’s no additional lighting beyond the residual light from the movie screen below. My eyes adjust slightly, but it’s still like walking in a dark tomb. I trip on a step. The air smells different somehow, I can guess the reason, a blend of crack smoke and stale semen. I reach the top where the theater seats stop and there are two rows of metal benches like you’d find at a high school football game. In the darkness, I stumble over someone who’s on the floor with their legs sticking into the aisle. He or she doesn’t move.
“I’m very sorry, please excuse me,” I say wondering whether the legs belong to someone who’s dead or dying

  • Excerpt, Memo to File from Hell by Nick Andrea (Copyright 2011)