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widescreendude commented about Teatro Cinerama on Mar 18, 2008 at 7:19 pm

Hi Thanks for the wonderful photo of the Cinerama back home , it brings memories of probably more friendly user times !…

widescreendude commented about Teatro Cinerama on Nov 24, 2006 at 2:34 pm

Hi JSA ,

Thanks for the info ! By the way I went tothe 2001 Space Odissey at the Metro during those years and it was a wonderful experience, it changed my life !Even though i am a professional musician my outlook of modern music was affected dramatically !!

Best !!

widescreendude commented about Teatro Cinerama on Nov 23, 2006 at 7:15 pm


According to my late friend projectionist of UA Paramount Theatre Don Kike Lopez, the Cinerama originally was a three panel projection 3*35 system and he told me once he witness the tests for How The West Was Won so , how long was the system in operation untill it was turned into a single Super Cinerama 70mm system??

Saludos ( mi email es )

widescreendude commented about Cinema 150 on Nov 23, 2006 at 7:00 pm

By the way I lived 10 mins from the UA 150 and since I was younger that was my kind of movie experience !and Its very true It opened in 1971 with fanfares!Although the building of Laguna Gardens Shopping beggan its construction around 69..I use to ride my byke near by the LAguna bridge,,I saw many films in 70 mm Star Wars , Patton, Quest for Fire,2001 A Space Odyssey//

I never forget the impression that was to be part of the movie experience…

widescreendude commented about Cinema 150 on Nov 23, 2006 at 6:50 pm

Hi to all,

I was hired to work as a projection technician for the United Artists Projection & Sound Dept of Rhode Island New York in 1987..The theatre was constructed circa 1968-69 as a standalone cinema and later four small auditoriums where added next to the original D-150 installation.

The booth originally was equipped with 2 Norelco Phillips Dp-75 35-70 projectors, Ampex magnetic 6 channel sound eqipment including the mag preamps and a later Dolby-CP-200 was retrofited in the sound Rack to process the Dolby formats of the day..The Ultra 360 sound was a home made gimmick wich consisted of magnetic cue tapes provided by the projectionist at the moment of preparing the rells for projection so that he could choose or say pre set the speakers on the back of the cinema wich where originally installed as Sensurround to deliver some kind of rumble or impact on the listener..Also it had 2 awsome! “all purpose projection controls” designed by Joe Kelly >>The Ua 150 was designed so that up to 4 different aspect ratios could be projected in 1:33(undersized Flat)/1:85 reg Flat/2:35 Scope/and 2:21 70mm D-150. As for D150 70mm is concerned the screen was a 69 ft wide with a height of 26 feet and a curvature ratious of 120 degrees..It looked beautiful in 70mm..
the lenses for it where a pair of Super Curvulon D150 Kollmorgen lenses and the screen was a teknikotte lenticular type.. The seating capacity was 950 seats..The proj throw was 104 feet from aperture to center of screen..

When we upgraded the 150 to Cp-55 the speakers where then reconnnected to function as subwoofers and the Ultra 360 was dissabled and no longer needed since the Cp-55 would provide a newer and stronger quadraphonc effect along with the surround sound and the addition of more reliable sound amplifiers QSC in this case..during this period United Artists in Puerto Rico thought there was no need to bring more 70mm prints to the island and so it remained that way untill UA sold it to Caribbean Cinemas. During the life of UA 150 with Caribean , I participated in the last retrofitting and upgrade wich was acomplished with TVP’s Richard Fowler , technician Allison De Faria and myself. At that moment we re upgraded to DTS sound capacity, Sony SDDS capacity , and CP-500 Dolby Digital capacity along with newer Eastern American Sorround speakers on the sides and newer HF Horns wich could displace the HF signal in a more wider angle still preserving the old Altec Speaker Woofers wich where marvelous ..Obviously more powerful QSC amps where added a plus a pair of subwoofers amplified at 1200 w.

I was fortunate to participate in the life of the D-150 but its a sad memory to realize that no more 70mm was going to be shown with full blown screen open at its max.

No more 70mm film was ever showed and the signal of its fade out was coming soon to our neighborhood in Carolina > A sad memory lane …