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williampowelllives commented about Tiger Drive-In on Jul 2, 2012 at 10:57 pm

The Tiger’s screentower was wide. There were two finished livable floors inside with an office at the side door closest to the box office. We lived in a large mobile home off to the side of the theatre but used the “house” built inside the screentower as library space, a small dance studio and music room and schoolwork area. One memorable night, an LP by Tennessee Ernie Ford was played prior to the movie start time. Standard OP. But it was the wrong selection. It was Songs of the North and the entire field, playground and concession stand were trashed. This is the only time I remember having to close the theatre.

williampowelllives commented about Palafox Drive-In on Jun 18, 2012 at 8:51 pm

TicketBoy – Preston? Bobby? My grandfolks ran the Holiday, my parents ran the Palafox which was demolished for a K-mart type store and a drive-thru liquor kiosk (bread, cigarettes – the basics)then ran the Ranch Drive-In before moving to Baton Rouge and taking the Tiger Drive-in, my Aunt had the The Navy and the Floridian indoor theatres, all staffed with cousins while Johnny Nicholson ran the TwinAir and the Greenhuts filled concessions at all of them. I always got to run the cartoon reels prior to opening because I wasn’t allowed to stay up that late. I think the concession staff was M/M Walls? And it was a huge deal when Teddy Soloman came to town! Good times!