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Yourbigpalal83 commented about Brookhaven Multiplex Cinemas on Oct 16, 2004 at 8:55 pm

i used to work at the brookhaven multiplex durring the summer of 2001 and 2001. It was a great job, and frankly i still missed it. I actuley quit because i grew tired with the usher post, and since the island 16 was about to open, i knew the end was near. It sucks really, cause i have alot of found memories of the place. I always kid around saying “when i become rich, ill open the place all for myself”. Hell, every time i think about going to see a movie, my mind still pictures brookhaven multiplex, even though i know ill end up seeing it in island 16. To bad really. I miss the place, bad. Oh well.

I remember working there one night, and cleaning a theater after a film all alone, and felt someones hand brush my back. Now no one but me was in the theater! know if any crimes ever happend there? i remember asking the management, and they just changed the subject real quickly!