Movie Theaters with 5 Screens

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↑ Name Location Status Screens
Crouch End Picturehouse Crouch End Picturehouse London, United Kingdom Open 5
Crown Valley Cinemas Crown Valley Cinemas Mission Viejo, CA, United States Closed 5
Cumberland Cinema Centre Cumberland Cinema Centre Thunder Bay, Canada Closed 5
Curzon Cinema Curzon Cinema Belfast, United Kingdom Closed 5
Curzon Oxford Curzon Oxford Oxford, United Kingdom Open 5
Curzon Victoria Curzon Victoria London, United Kingdom Open 5
Dagmar Teatret Dagmar Teatret Copenhagen, Denmark Open 5
De Nieuwe Kolk De Nieuwe Kolk Assen, Netherlands Open 5
Deer Park Cinema Deer Park Cinema Port Angeles, WA, United States Open 5
Deerfield Cinema 5 Deerfield Cinema 5 Deerfield Beach, FL, United States Closed 5
Delano 5 Theatre Delano 5 Theatre Delano, MN, United States Open 5
Delco Plaza 5 Delco Plaza 5 York, PA, United States Closed 5
Delft Bistro Delft Bistro Marquette, MI, United States Open 5
Dendy Portside Dendy Portside Hamilton, Australia Open 5
Desert 5 Drive-In Desert 5 Drive-In Las Vegas, NV, United States Closed 5
Dixie 5 Dixie 5 Mississauga, Canada Closed 5
Dreamplex Cinemas Dreamplex Cinemas Calgary, Canada Closed 5
Duggan Cinemas Duggan Cinemas Camrose, Canada Open 5
Dupont Circle 5 Dupont Circle 5 Washington, DC, United States Closed 5
E-Walk 21 Cinema E-Walk 21 Cinema Balikpapan, Indonesia Open 5
Eagle Theater Eagle Theater Robinson, IL, United States Open 5
East Bridgewater Cinema 5 East Bridgewater Cinema 5 East Bridgewater, MA, United States Open 5
East Towne Cinemas East Towne Cinemas Madison, WI, United States Closed 5
Eastgate 5 Theatres Eastgate 5 Theatres Joplin, MO, United States Closed 5
Eastland 5 Theatres Eastland 5 Theatres West Covina, CA, United States Closed 5
Eastpark Cinemas Eastpark Cinemas Clinton, NC, United States Open 5
Eastview Discount Theatre Eastview Discount Theatre Victor, NY, United States Closed 5
Edge 5 Theatres Edge 5 Theatres Belleville, IL, United States Open 5
Edgewood Cinema 5 Edgewood Cinema 5 Lincoln, NE, United States Open 5
Edwards El Toro Cinemas Edwards El Toro Cinemas Lake Forest, CA, United States Closed 5