Movie Theaters With Between 1 and 999 Seats

Showing 2,821 - 2,850 of 4,017 active movie theaters
↑ Name Location Status Screens
Pars Cinema Pars Cinema Tehran, Iran Open 2
Paseo Camarillo Cinemas Paseo Camarillo Cinemas Camarillo, CA, United States Open 3
Paseo Nuevo Cinemas Paseo Nuevo Cinemas Santa Barbara, CA, United States Open 4
Passage Kino Passage Kino Hamburg, Germany Open 3
Passage Kino Passage Kino Berlin, Germany Open 5
Passage Kinos Passage Kinos Leipzig, Germany Open 5
Pastime Movie Grill Pastime Movie Grill Sandersville, GA, United States Open 1
Pastime Theater Pastime Theater Winfield, AL, United States Open 1
Pathe City Pathe City Amsterdam, Netherlands Open 7
Pathe Plaza Pathe Plaza Basel, Switzerland Open 1
Pathe Rembrandt Pathe Rembrandt Utrecht, Netherlands Open 3
Pathe Rex Pathe Rex Geneva, Switzerland Open 3
Pathe de Kroon Pathe de Kroon Zwolle, Netherlands Open 4
Pathé Wepler - côté Avenue Pathé Wepler - côté Avenue Paris, France Open 5
Patricia Theatre Patricia Theatre Powell River, Canada Open 1
Paul Greengrass Cinema Paul Greengrass Cinema Gravesend, United Kingdom Open 1
Pavilion Cinema Pavilion Cinema Hailsham, United Kingdom Open 1
Pavilion Cinema Pavilion Cinema Galashiels, United Kingdom Open 4
Pavilion Cinema Pavilion Cinema Girvan, United Kingdom Open 1
Paytakht Cinema Paytakht Cinema Tehran, Iran Open 2
Pearl Highlands 12 Pearl Highlands 12 Pearl City, HI, United States Open 12
Pecos State Theater Pecos State Theater Pecos, TX, United States Open 1
Peerless Theatre Peerless Theatre Holyoke, CO, United States Open 1
Peery's Egyptian Theater Peery's Egyptian Theater Ogden, UT, United States Open 1
Pelham Picture House Pelham Picture House Pelham, NY, United States Open 2
Penistone Paramount Cinema Penistone Paramount Cinema Penistone, United Kingdom Open 1
Penn Centre Theatres Penn Centre Theatres Oskaloosa, IA, United States Open 2
Penn Theatre Penn Theatre Plymouth, MI, United States Open 1
Penthouse Cinema Penthouse Cinema Brooklyn, New Zealand Open 4
PepsiCo Theatre PepsiCo Theatre Great Lakes, IL, United States Open 1