47 Drive-In

928 Oakwood Ct.,
Castle Rock, CO 80104

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compassdrivein on December 6, 2017 at 9:31 pm

Hi there, im Scott. its so nice to see all this interest in the Colorado drive-in theatres. I was in the drive-in business and friends with many of the Colorado drive-in theatre as well ad indoor theatre operators of the past. It was a wonderful time. I have read many posts and looked at the photos. Most are accurate but some are not. I know about the elusive #47 drive in. That WAS the accurate name. It was the only one in Castle Rock. If antbody wants to know more about this or had any questions about any other drive-in mysteries (i know there were some questions about the Havana drive-in and the connection to Compass/Wolfberg) I can help there too. Would love to talk drive ins any time. They were my life. email me at

Kenmore on April 6, 2015 at 4:04 pm

928 Oakwood Ct, Castle Rock, CO 80104 is the addressed based on the topo maps I’ve seen of a drive-in situated just to the east of Castle Rock mountain.

Here is what the area looks like today. https://goo.gl/maps/iHYr0

This drive-in disappeared before 1980 and was replaced by this neighborhood, so the address is from that. What the old address was I do not know.

Anthony L. Vazquez-Hernandez
Anthony L. Vazquez-Hernandez on April 6, 2015 at 9:28 am

I’d like to note that on several printed references I’ve seen regarding this theatre (primarily issues of The Film Daily Yearbook) and a verbal reference by a local longtime theatre operator/theatre buff, it’s been printed as/referred to as “# 47 Drive-In” (key difference being the missing “#”).

A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: I chose to add “Castle Rock Drive-In Theatre” and “Castle Rock Cinema” to the list of previous names for the sole reason that I own 4-5 Reed Drive-In Speakers of various vintages from Castle Rock and while a couple say “47”, with one being spelled out as "Fourty-Seven”, there is at least one that says “Castle Rock Cinema” and at at least one that says “Castle Rock DI Theatre”. With that said, these engraved speakers are the only references to these names I have ever seen or heard. Since whoever ordered the speakers would have dictated what was engraved in them, I feel confident that these were legitimate names (although I have seen one case of a simple typo on the Reed Speakers-see the pictures I posted of the speakers I have for the Kar-Vue Drive-In-Springfield,CO-where they spelled the city as “Springflied”) and I also have a gut feeling that The #47 was the only Drive-In Castle Rock ever had which would indicate that these were former names of The #47 but I’d love it if someone else here could confirm this.

This seems to be one of the most illusive drive-ins I’ve ever researched in Colorado, with my research yeilding almost zero information so I’d love to know anything that someone might be able to contribute on this. The biggest thing I’d like to learn would be the ADDRESS as I haven’t been able to come up with anything that even gives a general location of the theatre.