Vallejo Auto Movies

1300 Benicia Road,
Vallejo, CA 94591

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davidcoppock on February 28, 2017 at 1:38 am

Was the owner ever investigated for possible insurance fraud?

Prof David Ducay
Prof David Ducay on October 14, 2013 at 10:50 pm

The Vallejo Auto Movies was the drive-in I grew up watching outdoor films during the early 70s. I remember seeing a lot of Martial Arts shows like Duel of the Iron Fist, Chinese Connection and one of the last films I saw here was Beyond the Door, the Italian American horror film. It was the film that Warner Bros. tried to sue the producers because it resembled the Exorcist. Actually, it was the last film I saw from beginning to end, later I went here to see other films with girlfriends, never watched the full length shows here again, well at least not at those times :) . The Syufy Enterprise and Century did away with the two screen drive-in like a lot of the others that they owned such as (there are still some that are Open):

Island Auto movie Drive-In, Alameda – Open 1950 Synfy, Closed 1991

Vallejo Drive-In, Vallejo – Open 1950, operated later by Century theatre and Syufy 1960s

El Rancho 4 Drive-In, Sparks, Nv. – Open 1950, operated later by Century theatre and Syufy, now by West Wind.

El Rancho Drive-In, San Pablo, Richmond – Open 1951 Homer Gray, 1953 by Richmond drive-in Inc. & Syufy

Mission 2 Drive-In, San Francisco, – Open 1951, operated later by Century theatre and Syufy, Closed 1976

Concord Auto Movies – Open 1957 by Enea Bro. Syufy took over 1960s?

Union City Drive-In, Union City – Open 195x Synfy, Closed 1998

Hilltop 8 Drive-In, Richmond – Open 1960 by Syufy, Closed 1984

Coliseum Drive-In, Oakland – Open 1961, by Syufy, Closed 1990s

Winchester Drive-In, Campbell – Open 1963, by Syufy, Closed 1984

Solano 2 Drive-In, Concord – Open 1964, Century & Syufy 2005, West Wind, 2007

Geneva 4 Drive-In, Daily City – Open 1950 Synfy, Closed

Moffett 3 Drive-In, Mountainview – Open 1964, Century & Syufy, Closed 1985

Santa Barbara Twin Drive-In, Goleta – Open 1966, Century & Syufy, Closed 1991

Spurce 4 Drive-In, San Francisco – Open 1960s, Century & Syufy, Closed 1980s

Burlinggame 4 Drive-In, Burlingame – Open 1960s, Century & Syufy, Closed 2003

Capital 6 Drive-In, San Jose – Open 1971, Syufy

Sacramento 6 Drive-In, Sacramento – Open 1973, Century & Syufy

Desert 5 Drive-In, Las Vegas – Open 1970s, Century & Syufy, Closed 1980s.

Glendale 9 Drive-In, Glendale, Az. – Open 1979, Century & Syufy, run by West Wind now. (one of the last drive-in’s built by Syufy)

JasonBalch on March 18, 2005 at 11:53 am

The Vallejo Auto Movies, in later years, was operated by Syufy/Century Theatres.