Movie Theaters in Australia

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Name Location Status ↑ Screens
Event Cinemas Wollongong Event Cinemas Wollongong Wollongong, Australia Open 3
Orana Cinemas Orana Cinemas Orana, Australia Open 3
Orana Cinemas Orana Cinemas Kalgoorlie, Australia Open 3
Hoyts Centre Hoyts Centre Perth, Australia Closed 3
Cinecentre Cinecentre Perth, Australia Closed 3
Melody Hall and Gardens Melody Hall and Gardens Rockingham Beach, Australia Closed 3
Piccadilly Cinemas Piccadilly Cinemas Adelaide, Australia Open 3
Kyogle Cinemas Kyogle Cinemas Kyogle, Australia Open 3
Geelong Drive-In Geelong Drive-In Geelong, Australia Closed 3
Dendy Opera Quays Dendy Opera Quays Sydney, Australia Open 3
Dromana 3  Drive-In Dromana 3 Drive-In Dromana, Australia Open 3
Yalata Drive-In Yalata Drive-In Stapylton, Australia Open 3
Yeppoon Film Theatres Yeppoon Film Theatres Yeppoon, Australia Closed 3
Tower Cinemas Tower Cinemas Newcastle, Australia Closed 3
Odeon Star Semaphore Odeon Star Semaphore Adelaide, Australia Open 3
Stanmore Cinema Centre Stanmore Cinema Centre Sydney, Australia Closed 3
Lincoln Cinema Lincoln Cinema Port Lincoln, Australia Open 3
Trak Cinema Trak Cinema Adelaide, Australia Open 3
Westgarth Theatre Westgarth Theatre Melbourne, Australia Open 3
Village East End 1-3 Village East End 1-3 Melbourne, Australia Closed 3
Greater Union Pitt Centre Greater Union Pitt Centre Sydney, Australia Closed 3
Piccadilly Cinema Centre Piccadilly Cinema Centre Perth, Australia Closed 3
Roxy Theatre Roxy Theatre Sydney, Australia Closed 3
Brisbane City Cinemas Brisbane City Cinemas Brisbane, Australia Closed 3
Nerang Cinemas Nerang Cinemas Nerang, Australia Open 4
Regent Theatre Regent Theatre Tamworth, Australia Closed 4
Paramount Cinema Paramount Cinema Echuca, Australia Open 4
Cinema Centre Cinema Centre Wangaratta, Australia Open 4
Village 1 - 4 Village 1 - 4 Melbourne, Australia Open 4
Academy Cinema City Academy Cinema City Adelaide, Australia Closed 4