Drive-In Movie Theaters

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Name Location ↑ Status Screens
Santa Barbara Drive-In Santa Barbara Drive-In Goleta, CA, United States Open 1
Heddon Greta Drive-In Heddon Greta Drive-In Heddon Greta, Australia Open 1
Dromana 3  Drive-In Dromana 3 Drive-In Dromana, Australia Open 3
Holiday Drive-In Holiday Drive-In Rockport, IN, United States Open 6
Swap Shop Drive-In Swap Shop Drive-In Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States Open 14
Saco Drive-In Saco Drive-In Saco, ME, United States Open 1
Sunset Drive-In Sunset Drive-In Middleport, NY, United States Open 3
Yalata Drive-In Yalata Drive-In Stapylton, Australia Open 3
Tibbs Drive-In Tibbs Drive-In Indianapolis, IN, United States Open 4
Auburn-Garrett Drive-In Auburn-Garrett Drive-In Garrett, IN, United States Open 1
Park Drive-In Park Drive-In Prince George, Canada Open 1
Sunset Drive-In Sunset Drive-In San Luis Obispo, CA, United States Open 1
Moon-Lite Drive-In Moon-Lite Drive-In Terre Haute, IN, United States Open 1
Clearwater Drive-In Clearwater Drive-In Kyle, Canada Open 1
Shamrock Drive-In Shamrock Drive-In Killarney, Canada Open 1
Can-View Drive-In Can-View Drive-In Fonthill, Canada Open 4
Havelock Family Drive-In Havelock Family Drive-In Havelock, Canada Open 1
Lindsay Twin Drive-In Lindsay Twin Drive-In Lindsay, Canada Open 2
Mustang Drive-In Mustang Drive-In Picton, Canada Open 2
Ciné-Parc Boucherville Ciné-Parc Boucherville Boucherville, Canada Open 2
Outdoor Cinema Outdoor Cinema Amsterdam, Netherlands Open 1
Fenghua Drive-In Fenghua Drive-In Beijing, China Open 1
Outdoor Cinema Outdoor Cinema Lynge, Denmark Open 3
Starlight Drive-In Bioscoop Starlight Drive-In Bioscoop Horn, Netherlands Open 1
Flix Movie Theater Flix Movie Theater Cadiz, Spain Open 1
Becky's Drive-In Becky's Drive-In Walnutport, PA, United States Open 2
Vineland Drive-In Vineland Drive-In City of Industry, CA, United States Open 4
Starlight Six Drive-In Starlight Six Drive-In Atlanta, GA, United States Open 6
Circle Drive-In Circle Drive-In Dickson City, PA, United States Open 2
Kane Family Drive-In Kane Family Drive-In Kane, PA, United States Open 1