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Movie Theaters in France

Showing 91 - 120 of 298 open movie theaters
↑ Name Location Status Screens
Escurial Panorama Escurial Panorama Paris, France Open 2
Espace Culturel Drancy Espace Culturel Drancy Drancy, France Open 1
Espace Paul Eluard Espace Paul Eluard Stains, France Open 1
Espace Saint-Michel Espace Saint-Michel Paris, France Open 2
Etoile Cinema Etoile Cinema La Courneuve, France Open 1
Etoile Lilas Etoile Lilas Paris, France Open 7
Europacorp Aéroville Europacorp Aéroville Roissy en France, France Open 12
Excelsior Cinema Excelsior Cinema Finistere, France Open 1
Fauvette Fauvette Neuilly-Plaisance, France Open 1
Filmotheque du Quartier Latin Filmotheque du Quartier Latin Paris, France Open 2
Follies Pigalle Follies Pigalle Paris, France Open 1
Fondation Jerome Seydoux-Pathé Fondation Jerome Seydoux-Pathé Paris, France Open 1
Forum Centre Nîmes Forum Centre Nîmes Nîmes, France Open 4
Futuroscope Futuroscope Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, France Open 6
Gaumont Alesia Gaumont Alesia Paris, France Open 8
Gaumont Ambassade Gaumont Ambassade Paris, France Open 4
Gaumont Amiens Gaumont Amiens Amiens, France Open 12
Gaumont Amnéville Gaumont Amnéville Amnéville-les-Thermes, France Open 12
Gaumont Aquaboulevard 4DX Gaumont Aquaboulevard 4DX Paris, France Open 14
Gaumont Archamps Gaumont Archamps Archamps, France Open 12
Gaumont Carré Sénart Gaumont Carré Sénart Lieusaint, France Open 16
Gaumont Champs Elysees Gaumont Champs Elysees Paris, France Open 6
Gaumont Comedie Gaumont Comedie Montpellier, France Open 8
Gaumont Convention Gaumont Convention Paris, France Open 9
Gaumont Coquelles Gaumont Coquelles Calais, France Open 12
Gaumont Disney Village Gaumont Disney Village Chessy, France Open 15
Gaumont Docks Vauban Gaumont Docks Vauban Le Havre, France Open 12
Gaumont Grand Quevilly + IMAX Gaumont Grand Quevilly + IMAX Grand Quevilly, France Open 16
Gaumont Labège + IMAX Gaumont Labège + IMAX Labège Innopole, France Open 16
Gaumont Les Fauvettes Gaumont Les Fauvettes Paris, France Open 5