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↓ Name Location Status Added
Wareham Theatre Wareham Theatre Manhattan, KS, United States Open Apr 25, 2002
Ward with TITAN LUXE Ward with TITAN LUXE Honolulu, HI, United States Open Sep 12, 2004
Ward Theatre Ward Theatre Kingston, Jamaica Open Jun 20, 2016
Wapa Theatre Wapa Theatre Wapakoneta, OH, United States Open Jan 1, 2007
Wang Theatre Wang Theatre Boston, MA, United States Open Dec 7, 2000
Wanee Theatre Wanee Theatre Kewanee, IL, United States Open Oct 20, 2003
Walton Theatre Walton Theatre Walton, NY, United States Open Sep 30, 2007
Walter Reuther Central Auditorium Walter Reuther Central Auditorium Kenosha, WI, United States Open Nov 13, 2009
Walter Reade Theater Walter Reade Theater New York, NY, United States Open Aug 9, 2004
Walter Kerr Theatre Walter Kerr Theatre New York, NY, United States Open Nov 4, 2009
Walt Theatre Walt Theatre New Haven, MO, United States Open Dec 7, 2004
Walt Disney Grand Theatre Walt Disney Grand Theatre Pudong, China Open Mar 10, 2018
Walnut Theatre Walnut Theatre Brazil, IN, United States Open Mar 26, 2007
Walnut Theaters Walnut Theaters Garland, TX, United States Open Mar 28, 2008
Wallis Mt. Barker Cinemas Wallis Mt. Barker Cinemas Mount Barker, Australia Open Mar 20, 2011
Wallis Mitcham Cinemas Wallis Mitcham Cinemas Adelaide, Australia Open Mar 28, 2011
Wallace Theatre Wallace Theatre Fort Belvoir, VA, United States Open Dec 16, 2009
Wall Street Theatre Wall Street Theatre Norwalk, CT, United States Open Jan 19, 2005
Walkino Walkino Bree, Belgium Open Feb 7, 2015
Walker Theatre Walker Theatre Indianapolis, IN, United States Open Jul 19, 2001
Walker Cinemas 8 Walker Cinemas 8 Perry, UT, United States Open Sep 14, 2005
Walker Cinemas 6 Walker Cinemas 6 North Ogden, UT, United States Open Mar 16, 2010
Wales Theatre Wales Theatre High River, Canada Open Sep 17, 2005
Waldbuhne Berlin Waldbuhne Berlin Berlin, Germany Open Sep 1, 2018
Wakefield Opera House Wakefield Opera House Sanbornville, NH, United States Open Jul 17, 2015
Waimea Theatre Waimea Theatre Waimea, HI, United States Open Mar 18, 2004
Wahringer Gurtel Kino Wahringer Gurtel Kino Vienna, Austria Open Dec 8, 2008
Wah Kiu Theatre Wah Kiu Theatre Jiangmen, China Open Nov 29, 2011
Wagner Theatre Wagner Theatre Wagner, SD, United States Open Jul 22, 2014
Waconia 6 Theatre Waconia 6 Theatre Waconia, MN, United States Open Aug 27, 2007