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↓ Name Location Status Added
Argylla Cinema Argylla Cinema Mary Kathleen, Australia Closed Nov 3, 2016
Argyll Cinema Argyll Cinema Carlisle, United Kingdom Closed Aug 2, 2014
Argyle Theatre Argyle Theatre Birkenhead, United Kingdom Closed Apr 28, 2017
Argyle Theater Argyle Theater Chicago, IL, United States Closed Dec 17, 2016
Argosy Theatre Argosy Theatre Melbourne, Australia Closed Jul 30, 2016
Argosy Cinema Argosy Cinema Bucksburn, United Kingdom Closed Jun 30, 2018
Arenas Cine Gay Arenas Cine Gay Barcelona, Spain Closed Aug 19, 2005
Arena Theatre Arena Theatre Astoria, NY, United States Closed Oct 16, 2005
Arena Theatre Arena Theatre New York, NY, United States Closed Apr 22, 2005
Arena Theater Arena Theater Paris, TX, United States Closed Feb 5, 2009
Area Drive-In Area Drive-In Grove Hill, AL, United States Closed Apr 11, 2006
Ardwick Picture Theatre Ardwick Picture Theatre Manchester, United Kingdom Closed Apr 29, 2007
Ardmore Drive-In Ardmore Drive-In Pittsburgh, PA, United States Closed May 8, 2007
Arden Theatre Arden Theatre Lynwood, CA, United States Closed Feb 26, 2002
Arco Theatre Arco Theatre Bridgeport, CT, United States Closed Dec 14, 2007
Arco Theatre Arco Theatre Santa Fe, NM, United States Closed Sep 4, 2005
Arco Theatre Arco Theatre St. Louis, MO, United States Closed Jan 4, 2004
Arch Theater Arch Theater Spanish Fork, UT, United States Closed Mar 5, 2005
Arcadian Cinema Arcadian Cinema Belfast, United Kingdom Closed Nov 7, 2013
Arcadian Cinema Arcadian Cinema Morecambe, United Kingdom Closed Jan 1, 2013
Arcadia and Gardens Arcadia and Gardens Bassendean, Australia Closed Aug 19, 2015
Arcadia Theatre 2 Arcadia Theatre 2 Melbourne, Australia Closed Aug 4, 2016
Arcadia Theatre Arcadia Theatre Syracuse, NY, United States Closed May 13, 2014
Arcadia Theatre Arcadia Theatre New Bethlehem, PA, United States Closed Aug 17, 2009
Arcadia Theatre Arcadia Theatre Wichita, KS, United States Closed May 26, 2009
Arcadia Theatre Arcadia Theatre Maud, OK, United States Closed Aug 16, 2007
Arcadia Theatre Arcadia Theatre Arcadia, CA, United States Closed Oct 31, 2005
Arcadia Theatre Arcadia Theatre Scarborough, United Kingdom Closed Dec 20, 2014
Arcadia Theatre Arcadia Theatre Manasquan, NJ, United States Closed Oct 5, 2018
Arcadia Theater Arcadia Theater Ranger, TX, United States Closed Sep 22, 2005