Newest Movie Theaters

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Name Location Status Added
Roxy Theatre Roxy Theatre Cascade, ID, United States Open Feb 22, 2006
Tecumseh Theater Tecumseh Theater Shawnee, OH, United States Closed Feb 10, 2006
Brady Theater Brady Theater Tulsa, OK, United States Open Feb 7, 2006
Fairmount Theatre Fairmount Theatre Boston, MA, United States Closed Jan 30, 2006
Dreamland Cinema Dreamland Cinema Margate, United Kingdom Closed Jan 28, 2006
Green Theater Green Theater La Plata, MO, United States Closed Jan 18, 2006
Gregg Theater Gregg Theater Sedan, KS, United States Open Dec 13, 2005
Golden Rule Theatre Golden Rule Theatre New York, NY, United States Closed Dec 9, 2005
Columbia Theatre Columbia Theatre Harlem, GA, United States Closed Dec 8, 2005
Texas Theater Texas Theater Kingsville, TX, United States Closed Dec 7, 2005
KOKO KOKO London, United Kingdom Closed Nov 9, 2005
Teatro Ideal Teatro Ideal Yauco, Puerto Rico Closed Nov 5, 2005
Hanover Theater Hanover Theater Hanover, PA, United States Closed Oct 26, 2005
Luciann Theatre Luciann Theatre Memphis, TN, United States Closed Oct 8, 2005
Queen Theater Queen Theater Bryan, TX, United States Closed Sep 26, 2005
Victoria Theatre Victoria Theatre Newcastle, Australia Closed Sep 25, 2005
Dixie Center for the Arts Dixie Center for the Arts Ruston, LA, United States Open Sep 21, 2005
Coweta Theater Coweta Theater Coweta, OK, United States Open Sep 20, 2005
Fort Douglas Theater Fort Douglas Theater Salt Lake City, UT, United States Open Sep 17, 2005
Cinema Cinema London, United Kingdom Closed Sep 13, 2005
Bruce Theatre Bruce Theatre Bruce, WI, United States Closed Aug 21, 2005
Palacio del Cinema Palacio del Cinema Barcelona, Spain Closed Aug 19, 2005
Cineworld Cinema - Leicester Square 4DX Cineworld Cinema - Leicester Squ... London, United Kingdom Open Jul 30, 2005
Constantine Theater Constantine Theater Pawhuska, OK, United States Closed Jul 30, 2005
Rook Theater Rook Theater Cheyenne, OK, United States Closed Jul 20, 2005
Knox Theatre Knox Theatre Warrenton, GA, United States Closed Jul 19, 2005
Skyline Theatre Skyline Theatre Canon City, CO, United States Closed Jul 19, 2005
Soo Theatre Soo Theatre Sault Ste. Marie, MI, United States Closed Jul 18, 2005
Teatro Francisco Oller Teatro Francisco Oller Bayamon, Puerto Rico Closed Jul 15, 2005
Silver Drive-In Silver Drive-In Johnstown, PA, United States Open Jul 13, 2005