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Movie Theaters in Spain

Showing 61 - 90 of 102 open movie theaters
↑ Name Location Status Screens
Filmoteca de Catalunya Filmoteca de Catalunya Barcelona, Spain Open 2
Gateway Theater Gateway Theater Rota, Spain Open 1
IVAC Filmoteca Valenciana IVAC Filmoteca Valenciana Valencia, Spain Open 1
Institut Francais Institut Francais Valencia, Spain Open 1
Kinepolis Alicante Kinepolis Alicante Alicante, Spain Open 16
Kinepolis Granada Kinepolis Granada Granada, Spain Open 15
Kinepolis Madrid Kinepolis Madrid Madrid, Spain Open 25
Kinepolis Madrid Diversia Kinepolis Madrid Diversia Alcobendas, Spain Open 12
Kinepolis Nevada Kinepolis Nevada Granada, Spain Open 8
Kinepolis Valencia Kinepolis Valencia Valencia, Spain Open 24
Multicines A Marina Multicines A Marina Viveiro, Spain Open 5
Multicines Monopol Multicines Monopol Las Palmas, Spain Open 7
OCine Aqua OCine Aqua Valencia, Spain Open 10
OCine Girona OCine Girona Girona, Spain Open 11
OCine Les Gavarres OCine Les Gavarres Reus, Spain Open 16
OCine Roquetes OCine Roquetes Roquetes, Spain Open 4
Phenomena Experience Room Phenomena Experience Room Barcelona, Spain Open 2
Radio City Radio City Valencia, Spain Open 1
Sala Berlanga Sala Berlanga Madrid, Spain Open 1
Sala Luz de Gaz Sala Luz de Gaz Barcelona, Spain Open 1
Teatre Borras Teatre Borras Barcelona, Spain Open 1
Teatre Goya Teatre Goya Barcelona, Spain Open 1
Teatre Poliorama Teatre Poliorama Barcelona, Spain Open 1
Teatre Principal Teatre Principal Barcelona, Spain Open 1
Teatre Principe Teatre Principe Lleida, Spain Open 1
Teatre Romea Teatre Romea Barcelona, Spain Open 1
Teatre Tivoli Teatre Tivoli Barcelona, Spain Open 1
Teatre Victoria Teatre Victoria Barcelona, Spain Open 1
Teatre el Musical Teatre el Musical Valencia, Spain Open 1
Teatro Aquitania Teatro Aquitania Barcelona, Spain Open 1