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↑ Name Location Status Updated
Sutter Cinema 3 Sutter Cinema 3 Yuba City, CA, United States Closed Dec 5, 2012
Tameside Hippodrome Theatre Tameside Hippodrome Theatre Ashton-under-Lyne, United Kingdom Closed Jun 1, 2018
Taylor Twin Cinema Taylor Twin Cinema Edenton, NC, United States Closed Apr 17, 2018
Teatro Avellaneda Teatro Avellaneda Camaguey, Cuba Closed Jul 27, 2014
Teatro Cervantes Teatro Cervantes Valdivia, Chile Closed Jun 1, 2018
Teatro Colon Teatro Colon Lima, Peru Closed Oct 27, 2016
Teatro Ideal Teatro Ideal Yauco, Puerto Rico Closed Mar 31, 2013
Teatro La Beckett Teatro La Beckett Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Open May 7, 2018
Teatro Linda Vista Teatro Linda Vista Mexico City, Mexico Closed Nov 12, 2016
Teatro Paradise Teatro Paradise San Juan, Puerto Rico Closed Oct 26, 2016
Teatro Principal Teatro Principal Caracas, Venezuela Closed Jun 7, 2012
Teatro de Humberstone Teatro de Humberstone Oficina Salitrera Santiago Humberstone, Chile Closed Dec 1, 2016
Tecumseh Theater Tecumseh Theater Shawnee, OH, United States Closed Apr 13, 2016
Texan Theater Texan Theater Junction, TX, United States Closed Oct 21, 2015
Texan Theater Texan Theater Cleveland, TX, United States Open Jan 5, 2019
Texas Theater Texas Theater Kingsville, TX, United States Closed Dec 22, 2016
Texas Theater Texas Theater Hillsboro, TX, United States Closed Jan 22, 2017
Theatr Elli Theatr Elli Llanelli, United Kingdom Closed Sep 26, 2018
Theatre Corona Theatre Corona Montreal, Canada Open Sep 3, 2015
Time Community Theater Time Community Theater Oshkosh, WI, United States Open Jan 23, 2017
Tower Theatre Tower Theatre Los Angeles, CA, United States Open Jul 19, 2018
Trail Theatre Trail Theatre St. Joseph, MO, United States Closed Dec 25, 2014
Trak Cinema Trak Cinema Adelaide, Australia Closed Jan 11, 2019
Tryon Theatre Tryon Theatre Tryon, NC, United States Open Apr 28, 2018
University of Wisconsin-Parkside Communication Arts Theatre University of Wisconsin-Parkside... Somers, WI, United States Open Apr 13, 2014
Uptown Theater Uptown Theater Sedalia, MO, United States Closed Feb 7, 2016
Uptown Theatre Uptown Theatre Marceline, MO, United States Closed Oct 18, 2016
Uptown Theatre Uptown Theatre Orangeville, Canada Open Dec 17, 2017
Uptown Theatre Uptown Theatre Chicago, IL, United States Closed Dec 11, 2018
Uptown Theatre Uptown Theatre Philadelphia, PA, United States Closed Mar 25, 2016