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Cinepolis Cancun Mall Cinepolis Cancun Mall Cancun, Mexico Open Jun 3, 2011
La Gran Plaza Cancun La Gran Plaza Cancun Cancun, Mexico Open Jun 26, 2011
Grand City Mall Grand City Mall Amman, Jordan Open May 31, 2011
Amherst Cinema Amherst Cinema Amherst, OH, United States Open Sep 24, 2012
Cinema 5 Cinema 5 Brookings, SD, United States Open Jun 6, 2014
Cines Maremagnum Cines Maremagnum Barcelona, Spain Open Dec 26, 2012
Omak Theater Omak Theater Omak, WA, United States Open May 20, 2012
Cinemark Colony Square Mall Cinemark Colony Square Mall Zanesville, OH, United States Open Mar 16, 2014
Roso Theater Roso Theater Roseau, MN, United States Open Sep 14, 2013
Yogiraj Cinema Yogiraj Cinema Seoni, India Open May 31, 2011
Aribau Multicines Aribau Multicines Barcelona, Spain Open Dec 31, 2012
Cines Melies Cines Melies Barcelona, Spain Open Feb 1, 2013
Rav-Chen Cinema Rav-Chen Cinema Tel Aviv, Israel Open Oct 19, 2011
Cine Prado Cine Prado Sitges, Spain Open Nov 17, 2012
Capitol Cinema Capitol Cinema Asmara, Eritrea Open May 31, 2011
Cinema City Cinema City Ramat Hasharon, Israel Open May 31, 2011
Tenth Frame Cinemas Tenth Frame Cinemas Mount Sterling, KY, United States Open Feb 1, 2012
Royale 14 Royale 14 Hyattsville, MD, United States Open Jul 23, 2012
Teatre Borras Teatre Borras Barcelona, Spain Open Jan 29, 2013
Teatre Romea Teatre Romea Barcelona, Spain Open Jan 29, 2013
Teatre Poliorama Teatre Poliorama Barcelona, Spain Open Dec 26, 2012
Palace Cinema Palace Cinema Douglas, Isle of Man Open Apr 20, 2013
Teatre Victoria Teatre Victoria Barcelona, Spain Open Jan 29, 2013
Broadway Theatre-Kingswood Plaza Broadway Theatre-Kingswood Plaza Hong Kong, China Open Aug 13, 2011
Cinemark 12 Rockwall Cinemark 12 Rockwall Rockwall, TX, United States Open Apr 23, 2014
Smadar Cinema Smadar Cinema Jerusalem, Israel Open Feb 7, 2014
Cinema El Dorado 70 Cinema El Dorado 70 Mexico City, Mexico Open Jan 19, 2012
Maris Rock Theatre Maris Rock Theatre Trichy, India Open May 31, 2011
Skyvue Drive-In Skyvue Drive-In Winchester, KS, United States Open May 31, 2011
Sky (Olympian City) Sky (Olympian City) Hong Kong, China Open Dec 28, 2013