Updated Movie Theaters

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↑ Name Location Status Updated
Smyrna Opera House Smyrna Opera House Smyrna, NY, United States Closed Jan 24, 2016
Capitol Theatre Capitol Theatre Niagara Falls, NY, United States Closed Jan 11, 2016
Art City Playhouse Art City Playhouse Springville, UT, United States Closed Jan 9, 2016
Fine Arts Theater Fine Arts Theater Bridgeport, TX, United States Closed Jan 6, 2016
Side Cinema Side Cinema Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom Closed Jan 4, 2016
Roxy Cinema Roxy Cinema Leadgate, United Kingdom Closed Dec 15, 2015
Beacon Theatres Beacon Theatres Waveland, MS, United States Open Dec 14, 2015
Normana Theater Normana Theater El Campo, TX, United States Closed Dec 12, 2015
Elitch Theatre Elitch Theatre Denver, CO, United States Open Dec 6, 2015
Gaiety Theatre Gaiety Theatre Big Piney, WY, United States Closed Nov 28, 2015
Palace Theatre Palace Theatre Danbury, CT, United States Open Nov 28, 2015
AMC Esplanade 14 AMC Esplanade 14 Phoenix, AZ, United States Open Nov 19, 2015
Palace Theatre Palace Theatre Eastwood, NY, United States Open Nov 14, 2015
Alger Theater Alger Theater Detroit, MI, United States Open Nov 5, 2015
Studio 66 Cinema Studio 66 Cinema Champigny-sur-Marne, France Closed Oct 24, 2015
Gregg Theater Gregg Theater Sedan, KS, United States Open Oct 24, 2015
Cinemark Greentree 10 Cinemark Greentree 10 Clarksville, IN, United States Closed Oct 22, 2015
Momence Theatre Momence Theatre Momence, IL, United States Closed Oct 21, 2015
Texan Theater Texan Theater Junction, TX, United States Closed Oct 21, 2015
Queen Theater Queen Theater Bryan, TX, United States Closed Oct 15, 2015
Kam Ming Theatre Kam Ming Theatre Hong Kong, China Closed Oct 7, 2015
Jayhawk State Theatre of Kansas Jayhawk State Theatre of Kansas Topeka, KS, United States Closed Oct 2, 2015
Milbridge Theatre Milbridge Theatre Milbridge, ME, United States Closed Sep 30, 2015
Roxy Theatre Roxy Theatre Longview, WA, United States Closed Sep 28, 2015
Lansdowne Theatre Lansdowne Theatre Lansdowne Borough, PA, United States Closed Sep 18, 2015
Theatre Corona Theatre Corona Montreal, Canada Open Sep 3, 2015
Enosburg Opera House Enosburg Opera House Enosburg Falls, VT, United States Open Sep 2, 2015
Market Place Cinemas Market Place Cinemas Anderson, SC, United States Closed Aug 24, 2015
Gordon Theater Gordon Theater Gordon, NE, United States Closed Aug 15, 2015
WMA Theatre WMA Theatre Adelaide, Australia Open Jul 13, 2015