Movie Theaters Around the World

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↑ Name Location Status Screens
Capitol Theatre Capitol Theatre Wellington, New Zealand Closed 2
Capitol Theatre Capitol Theatre Niagara Falls, NY, United States Closed 1
Carmike Cinema 6 Carmike Cinema 6 Wilmington, NC, United States Closed 6
Carolina Theatre Carolina Theatre Spruce Pine, NC, United States Open 1
Carolina Theatre Carolina Theatre Charlotte, NC, United States Closed 1
Carver Theatre Carver Theatre Miami, FL, United States Closed 1
Cascade Picture Palace Cascade Picture Palace New Castle, PA, United States Closed 2
Castle Cinema Castle Cinema Rhayader, United Kingdom Open 1
Cavern Theatre Cavern Theatre Carlsbad, NM, United States Closed 1
Center Cinema Center Cinema New Bedford, MA, United States Closed 1
Center Theatre Center Theatre Monroe, NC, United States Closed 1
Central Theatre Central Theatre Knoxville, TN, United States Closed 1
Centre Culturel de Gembloux Centre Culturel de Gembloux Gembloux, Belgium Open 1
Century Aurora & XD Century Aurora & XD Aurora, CO, United States Open 16
Century Plaza 16 Century Plaza 16 Pittsburg, CA, United States Open 16
Chateau Theatre Chateau Theatre Rochester, MN, United States Closed 1
Chicago Theatre Chicago Theatre Hong Kong, China Closed 1
Church Hill Theatre Church Hill Theatre Church Hill, MD, United States Open 1
Cine City Hall Cine City Hall Havana, Cuba Open 1
Cine Gran Pampa Cine Gran Pampa General Pico, Argentina Open 1
Cine Lauren Universitat 5 Cine Lauren Universitat 5 Barcelona, Spain Closed 1
Cine Luna Cine Luna San Juan, Puerto Rico Closed 1
Cine Marconi Cine Marconi Santa Rosa, Argentina Closed 1
Cine Metropole Cine Metropole Sao Paulo, Brazil Closed 10
Cine Palacio de la Musica Cine Palacio de la Musica Madrid, Spain Closed 3
Cine Palma Cine Palma Havana, Cuba Closed 1
Cine Record Cine Record Havana, Cuba Closed 1
Cine Roble Cine Roble Tijuana, Mexico Closed 1
Cine Teatro Albeniz Cine Teatro Albeniz Madrid, Spain Closed 1
Cine Teatro Metropol Cine Teatro Metropol Chivilcoy, Argentina Closed 1