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bazzwell commented about Hollywood Theatre on Oct 16, 2006 at 11:02 pm

Chad, will do what I can. Actually, the theater was never what could be called a showcase or thing of real beauty. This was late 1930’s design, basic and functional. Now I never had the pleasure of seeing it in its original form with the lobby/lounge in the lower floor. All entry doors used to lead to the theater but by my time in the 1960’s the right doors went straight to the bowling alley, the left to the theater.

Inside was an upward walkway to the seating area which led to your choice of main floor or the steps to the balcony area. Not an overhanging balcony but simply an upward extension of the floor. Seating was original to 1938 or so with most of the side lights still working.

Bathrooms were balcony left and right, office was balcony middle with steps one floor down. Projection room was also balcony middle with steps one floor up. Directly behind the marquee was a small room where the letters for the sign were kept and a crawl space entrance to the sign itself. Projection room had a ladder to the walkway that ran the length of the theater, about two feet wide start to finish. Interesting note, in the office was a small room about eight feet wide, six feet long, four feet tall with a locked door. Room was sealed top to bottom, wall to wall, with aluminum foil covering. I’m told it was originally a safe area for money and other items of value but was then used as a pest free room to hold the vending goods.

Stage was large with an amazing array of electrical equipment, full set of lights and curtains and steps to what once was the dressing room area. Off stage right and left were exits and equipment loading areas.

The outside trim and paint scheme was originally brown and light brown. Marquee lighting and neon was functional until the closing of 1978.

Again, not a structural wonder but a good solid building that deserves a better fate. Too tough to kill and too weak to fight, sad.

bazzwell commented about Hollywood Theatre on Mar 30, 2006 at 7:06 pm

Update….still standing, far beyond any useful life or hope of repair. Last word was the owner was willing to donate the building to the borough but they turned him down flat. Far too expensive to tear down. So here it sits until the facade breaks off and a condemnation order gets issued.

bazzwell commented about Hollywood Theatre on Oct 27, 2005 at 10:31 pm

I do have a current picture available to those interested plus two late 1970’s pictures. Unable to upload them here so emial and ask.

bazzwell commented about Hollywood Theatre on Oct 27, 2005 at 10:22 pm

Theatre has been on the block now for quite some time and the future looks bleak. Last agency had it listed for $50K as is sits but with the suggestion it be torn down for new development. Lower price may be an option. The building has been declared by those in the know as “sick”. One real estate agent swears he won’t go in without a mask the mold problem is so bad. Asbestos issues a problem as well. Owner recently did some weak touch up work on the front entrance to try and make it look pretty. Those who like to keep current on these things may wish to come to the area and take a picture or two. Probably won’t be here once it gets sold.

bazzwell commented about Theater For Sale? on Nov 11, 2004 at 1:17 am

California Pennsylvania, former Hollywood theatre now up for sale for the first time in about 25-30 years. Theatre has been vacant since 1978 or so. Last I heard, seats and all projection equipment removed. Poor parking but a college town, who knows? Solid concrete block building, original 1938 marquee (in need of repair), apartment in back, former bowling alley in basement (used to be the lounge area), unrented storefront on the main drag of town. Worked there during the last run in 77 & 78. with any questions, thanks!