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Blaine commented about Organ Loft on Feb 21, 2012 at 7:10 am

The map says 13th South, it should be 33rd South at Edison Street. The big neon sign on the building reads: EDISON STREET, the new name for Organ Loft which appears as an ‘aka’ in small letters at the bottom of the sign.

Blaine commented about Ellen Eccles Theatre on Nov 8, 2004 at 7:40 am

The Wasatch Front is the center of Utah’s population, spanning about 150 miles from Payson on the south to Logan on the north. Logan’s Ellen Eccles Theater is a magnificent restoration, but still without a voice. A Mighty Wurlitzer donated by a Californian is being prepared for installation where the original theatre organ sat, a unique under-stage location reminicent of Bayroit. Preparation of the original organ’s space, and installation of the organ awaits the go-ahead of the Eccles family members who own the theater. When it is in place, the organ will give Logan the same thrilling addition to the arts that its neighboring Wasatch Front community, Ogden, is now enjoying. Ogden’s Peery’s Egyptian Theater’s newly installed Mighty Wurlitzer completed a monumental restoration of the theater, making it a national treasure. The Ellen Eccles theater pipe organ and its art forms will be welcomed into the unusual newly awakened phenomenon, an exciting renaissance of theatre organ art forms. This resurgence of popularity started with the annual silent film series, with live accompaniment on its huge 5-manual, 36-rank Wurlitzer. The large following at Salt Lake City’s Organ Loft sparked a reawakening of the Mighty Wurlitzer uptown in the Capitol Theater. Its long silent original Mighty Wurlitzer now presents a pre-show event that introduces the theater organ to busloads of students attending Ballet West’s Outreach to Schools performances. The Egyptian Theater’s voice greets patrons finding their seats and bidding them farewell after the movie or stage show, and enthrals them with the live accompanied silent film art form. A formal academic course called the Silent Movie Accompanist Center for the Performing Arts now teaches orgnists this art form to musicians who are motivated by opportunities to perform it for paying audiences in working theaters. When the Ellen Eccles Theater adds its voice, its Mighty Wurlitzer will make a total of four instruments, each along side a State University, forming a Mecca for the Unit Orchestra art forms. Famous touring artists are already on to Utah’s phenomenon, and are amazed by Utah audiences. Jelani Eddington and Rob Richards both said they haven’t experienced such enthusiasm. Every fine theater should be so lucky! Ogden’s Egyptian Theater marque displays the phrase: Arts build Community and Community builds Arts. We have solid proof, beyond all doubt, that the music of these Unit Orchstras are influencing more morality and less mayhem in our communities. Every community should be so lucky!