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BLE73 commented about Hollywood Theater on Feb 8, 2005 at 1:36 am

the dinner theatre idea fell through because they where not able to obtain a liscense because of the church being located across the street, the hollywood still stands vacant, in its last years the biggest nights where the midnight showings of the rocky horror picture show on the weekends

BLE73 commented about Warner Theatre on Feb 8, 2005 at 1:31 am

currently the former theatre/current shopping center has gone into sheriff’s sale. just as recently as 1998 the mall had over a 98% occupancy rate, currently it is close to vacant. i know it was supposed to be torn down and made replaced with a parking structure in two of the failed attempts to revitalize downtown. the building still stands awaiting its next phase of life.

BLE73 commented about Cinema 4 on Feb 8, 2005 at 1:27 am

i live a couple of blocks from this theater and the hollywood, both are closed and both are for sale. the cinema 4 is still standing and the other movies where blow and crocidile dundee does la or something like that