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CFrancis commented about Fargo Theatre on Mar 16, 2005 at 9:33 am

May I ask if someone could arrange for me to buy a copy of the silent film videotaped some years back of Colleen Moore’s ORCHIDS AND ERMINE with the incomparable Hildegarde at the console? I was able to get a copy on Beta which became unviewable for some reason. Mr. David Knudson (sp) helped me in this effort. I would be happy to pay someone to obtain another copy of this film (on VHS or DVD) because of the score by Hildegarde. Thanks! Please send an email response to Cal Francis. is my email address. Please, someone, help me. Thanks so very, very much!

CFrancis commented about Capitol Theatre on Dec 21, 2004 at 2:04 pm


Was the special screening accompanied by an accomplished theatre organist? I own a new (through Film Presrevation Associates/David Shepard) 16 mm print and a Beta tape and a laser video disc of Mary’s great film with my late hero, Gaylord B. Carter, playing an especially appropriate score. I am wondering if there was indeed a song entitled THE GLAD SONG and if Gaylord used this in conjunction with his scoring of the film through the Matty Kemp Festival Series/The Mary Pickford Company(copyright,1972)?

Calvert Francis
Lawton, Oklahoma