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Climber59thstbridge commented about Hillside Theatre on Apr 2, 2015 at 7:27 pm

Great area! I remember the Robert Hall clothing store. As a kid it took forever to walk past it. Also the sports store, the take-out chinese restaurant, and the Nedicks. My brother and I would go, and for a buck we could pay for admission with enough left over for a box of ice cream bon bons. I saw “The Greatest Show on Earth” there and had dreams for weeks about the train hitting one of the circus cars. Also saw “The Wizard of Oz” there and was at first disappointed when it was in black and white, before it turned to color. Also Mondo Cane and one of those Smell-O-Rama films, where they cut into an orange, and had an Indian funeral pyre. In the 50’s there always seemed to be at least one fight after the rock and roll show. Amazing times!