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Crowley commented about Futurist Theatre on Jul 16, 2005 at 9:25 am

What a surprise. Senior council figures have made up their mind that the building has to go and damn the jumped up consultants who’s opinion they … er … paid for can go hang. The twist to this tale is that the ABL report pointed out there would be no large theatre provision left in the town if they bulldoze the futurist. That would have to be taken up by The Spa, which they admit would need a total re-vamp to handle the capacity needed. All the work that Barry Stead has done would be lost. The acts which play here will have nowhere to perform. They’ll go elsewhere and then we’ll have to fight again to get them back. The ABL report wasn’t just about the futurist – it was a complete audit of the whole town’s theatre provision – a fact which goes mostly unnoticed. The council appears to favour the plan which is mostly likely to castrate the local tourist economy. Marvelous. Stand firm Mr Lee. A public inquiry will give me two more years of viewing pleasure in a spectacular auditorium and the chance to see SBC’s grandees squirming under the one thing they really dislike; Public Scrutiny.


Crowley commented about Futurist Theatre on Feb 1, 2005 at 6:33 pm

What guts me is the original facade of the building is still there under all those horrible yellow boards.
Seems senior members of the council are hell bent on detsroying it without looking at the possibility of turning it into a really interesting attraction.

Step up ABL – Consultants charged with coming up with a redevelopment plan for the site. They seem to favour keeping the main building and adding up to 5 more screens. Consultation coming soon.

How that must have made the architectural vandals fume.


PS: Does anyone out there have a picture of the original front of the building?