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Ericsudeth commented about Vermont Drive-In on Nov 21, 2013 at 10:38 am

I worked at the Vermont in 1987 trained in management after working there one month. Ushers helped direct traffic out, helped assist locating restroomsand kept people from staying parked after the movie was over because it was a liability hazard to let people stay parked after hour. Ushers also carried a portable battery pack to jump start cars that had a dead battery.

     Vermont had many things about it that most  people didn't know, like that theatre was Michael and Jerome Foremans only theatre that all the monies made their went into their personal bank account, pacific use to own Baskin Robbins, the Giant, Ralphs and tons more businesses. Pacific use to own everything on N.Robertson Blvd. In LA. I keep saying use to because I don't know currently what they own. A theatre chain called Syoofy (sic) mainly in Arizona was owened by an Asian guy who pacific helped him start the theatre, I'm sure pacific had shares or interest in the movie theatre. All L.A.  pacific theatre hourly employees belonged to the Actors Guild union and yes some of these are general facts not just about Vermont. 
                   I closed the Torrance Drive Inn in 198 last movie shown was Moon Struck with Cher, I also worked the Los Altos, Studio, Centinela and a few others.  Pacific was a great company to work for in the 1980s and I miss it.