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MARTINSR commented about Park Theatre on Mar 5, 2005 at 10:31 pm

I was in the Theater just a year or so ago and the mural on the roof is still in good shape. One of the last showings here was a benifit for my brother Russ Martin a local business owner who had broken his leg badly in a fall at work. The Centerville Business Association held showed his favorite film “American Graffiti” with the proceeds going towards his bills. It was a great night with the place almost full!
Our mom and dad had a resturant next door to the theater when it opened in ‘46. From what I understand our sister who was three or four years old at the time was the dareling of the place and had was free to roam anywhere she pleased.

I remember our mom dropping us off at the curb to go in and see “Mary Poppins” first run!

Those were the days in Fremont, what a wonder place it was.