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scotch commented about Castro Theatre on Jan 13, 2005 at 11:59 am

Actually I would like to change my statement on the Roxie… though not quite as impressive as thier calendar days, they are still a significant addition of the SF film landscape.

scotch commented about Castro Theatre on Jan 13, 2005 at 9:34 am

For those interested there was a boycot of the musicals recently shown at the Castro (why so few people showed for Meet me in St. Louis maybe) but everyone is still encouraged to patronize the festivals that play there, such as the upcoming Berlin and Beyond. However customers who disagree with the current situation are encouraged to not patronize the snack bar, as those proceeds go only to the castro and not to the festivals that screen there.

The recent calendar is not awful in terms of selection, but by no means exciting, and whoever wrote the blurbs is not very educated about film, and clearly did it very quickly. They seem to be playing everything for camp and no substance. Its some of the worse film writing ive come across in a SF movie house calendar. I will be curious to see what the SF film festival does… granted they seem to be going in another, yet just as anoying direction from their past. Mel Nobikov (sp) is turning in his grave…

If the castro goes south, the san franciso film scene will be officially moot… The Roxie is a shadow of its former self, the Four Star is closing, and the Red Vic is just not the same caliber. The Balboa seems to be the only theatre trying to do something. I hope they can keep it up.