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Webby commented about Peery's Egyptian Theater on Jan 14, 2005 at 9:07 am

I use to go to this theater a lot as a child in the late ‘70s, early '80s. I was at the very last movie played in the theater, and was glad when a lot of people fought the local government not let this building be torn down.

The Architecture Firm wasn’t Hodgson and McClenahan, they didn’t start the firm until after the theater started construction. From 1900 to 1924 Leslie Hodgson was on his own. From 1925 to 1949 Hodgson and McClenahan was a firm together. The Architect was Leslie A. Hodgson with input from brothers Harman and Louis Peery. The contraction company was Whitmeyer & Sons at a cost of $200,000. Mr. Hodgson used them in most of the well-known buildings in Ogden.

According to an Egyptologist from Utah State University, most of the hieroglyphics that adorn the theater’s outer lobby are actual Egyptian characters, however some are unique to Peery’s Egyptian Theater. They reflect aspects of Harmon Peery and construction of the theater. During your next visit at the theater look for a pie, a book with a check mark over it, a man leaning against a light post and two men fighting