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  • ["The Phone"]
  • ["Before Demolition Looking Down"]
  • ["The Concession Stand"]
  • ["The Marque"]
  • ["From On Top of the Sunflower \"Screen and Stage\""]
  • ["From On Top of the Sunflower \"The Projection Booth\""]
  • ["South Wall Again Prior to Demolition"]
  • ["Missing Seats and Ramp to the Projection Room"]
  • ["The South Wall \"Bare\""]
  • ["North Seats and the Mystery Door"]
  • ["Past Employees"]
  • ["Seelye Building Before the Plaza"]
  • ["The old \"new\" marque"]
  • ["Lewis and the popcorn machine"]
  • ["Eisenhower throwing his hat in the ring at the Plaza Theater."]
  • ["North wall"]
  • ["South wall"]
  • ["Ceiling of the Plaza"]