Odeon Westover Bournemouth

37 Westover Road,
Bournemouth, BH1 2BZ

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andysummers on August 14, 2009 at 8:04 am

I prefer the way it sounded before I was projectionist and even thou I had interest in this sound art-form many years before coming a projectionist and even some projectionists don’t care about the sound some like the image some like the sound some like both that is the way of it.

But I should complain about the years before, since the cinema wasn’t keeping up with the state of technological advances in cinema sound presentation.

Films like

Star Wars Dolby stereo
The Empire Strikes Back Dolby stereo
Return of the Jedi Dolby stereo
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Dolby stereo
Platoon Dolby stereo
Aliens Dolby stereo
Die Hard Dolby stereo
Die Hard 2 Dolby stereo
Predator Dolby stereo
Cocoon the return Dolby stereo
Who Framed Roger Rabbit Dolby stereo
Romancing the Stone Dolby stereo
The Final Countdown Dolby stereo
Apocalypse Now Dolby stereo
Bullets on Broadway, not that it matters since (Woody Allen) mostly has his films recorded in monaural sound!
The Black Hole Dolby stereo
The Spy Who Loved Me mono
Moonraker Dolby stereo
The Living Daylights Dolby stereo
Licence to Kill Dolby stereo
Octopussy Dolby stereo
The Man with the Golden Gun mono
Live and Let Die Dolby stereo
For your Eyes Only…or maybe for your ears only? Dolby stereo
A View to a Kill Dolby stereo
Hamburger Hill Dolby stereo
The Cat from Outer Space LOL mono
Tron Dolby stereo
The Abyss
Lawrence of Arabia Dolby stereo with SR cards in what is now called screen 6 with Dolby CP500 and fully installed JBL sound system.

Arachnophobia screen 6. it was then a friend I drove to High Wycombe CIC/UCI for the THX experience. He said it was voted something like 6th best THX screen in the world. he was right I was hearing if not feeling first hand lower bass octave to octave coverage and clear mid range to high range sounds without effort or strain.

It was almost better than the Empire Leicester Square if not on par since it was Bell Theatre Services that installed the purpose built JBL sound system.

Opening was just bass to sub bass weight heavy that would make most cinemas seem like a Vitaphone sound system. The lows mostly played within the 30Hz to 80Hz region when comparing the (DVD/Dolby 4.1) on a frequency spectrum real time analyzer or (Spectrumlab).

andysummers on August 14, 2009 at 7:33 am

Well maybe Odeon Bournemouth has pulled its socks up finely but the rapped decline in presentation was on fast falling level from early/mid 1990’s which ran though right up till 2005, nearly 10 years or just over of poor presentation.

Would you believe if I told you that Odeon screen 1 placed Hi-Fi bookshelf speakers in the tight corners off the auditorium around mid 1990’s I think 1995?

These where typical speakers you’d buy a cheap store like, Dixons! They incorporated I think 6/5 bass mid and soft dome tweeter.

No wonder the surrounds sounded so poorly for several years. Several years of me paying these crocked crocks.

They even messed up the EQ on the stage channels where all you could hear is centre with left and right many db below Dolby reference guidelines. It had to be at least 20db or 25 db too low impossible to hear?

This occurred around mid 1990’s where many years before that the screen channels (unaware that I was of the time, that the stage channels where some 35 plus years old).

Some of the films I saw with poor presentation in screen 1 in no order at all because I have other things to do right now.

Screen1 poor EQ levels!

Star Wars A New Hope
Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars Return of the Jedi
Die Hard with a Vengeance
Crimson Tide

Just about all these films that spans several years and that’s money I want back! The centre was imitating far too much sound as if they are trying to mimic a poorman’s THX sound system!?

That’s mostly the ones with the rubbish EQ I have no idea what Donkey did the EQ on the Dolby CP50 but I’m pretty sure I’ve bubbled into once while walking down Westover road and I have no respect for someone that rushes their work, or maybe he was going though a devoice LOL I don’t care I was paying good money and hearing lousy sound for many years.

Screen1 poor bass and more!

The Matrix sounded fairly good on the open was this playing in Dolby SR-D or Dolby SR? I knew they had installed a Dolby CP500 at the time, or where they waiting to play Dolby SR-D on Star Wars?

It sounded so good that is what SR role is. Its the best possible analogue sound around over, type A.
I was wrong this showed its full true colours towards the end where Neo jumps out of the way of passing subway train, Agent Smith is pancake! Just as Neo back-flips stage-front-right sounded like it was going to bottom out with a few seconds of very loud audible distortion!

I mostly sit front and centre (used to sit front and centre at this fleapit hole). This has nothing to do with hearing poor or good sound quality. I can sit back row middle row sweet spot or front and centre at the Empire Leicester Square screen1, and be totally impressed, now then!

Entrapment this sounded good nothing to complain or bitch about too much.

Star Wars episode 1 The Phantom Menace (god what a terrible film it was!) audible distortion and sheer lack of bass. No the force was not strong with this one.

House on Haunted Hill stage channels right was buzzing with audible distortion during the electric shock sequence.

The World is Not Enough sounded okay on the opening the rest was just dull and boring lacked bondbastic low end!

The Lord of the Rings part 1 I was bored with the Rings because the sound was unimpressive and wasn’t keeping my attention focused for the nearly 3 hours of listening to wet paint drying! Where’s the sodden bass in this film!!!!!

Star Wars episode 2 Attack of the Clones (can it possible get any worse than this!) audible distortion and sheer lack of bass. No the force was not strong with this one.

Bad Boys II sound was incredible dull and lifeless on stage channels left/right

Raiders of the Lost Ark again stage left and right channels was dull since one of the projectionists showed me behind the screen, thinking I, wouldn’t know what to look for?

To my horror I saw the stage left and right HF horns JBL 2360A laying on the floor pointing upwards to just about anywhere?? it was as if someone like Daren Payne chief projectionist on the site was too lazy to see that the HF horns are placed back in the correct location and tested.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom sound was incredible dull and lifeless on stage channels left/right

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade sound was incredible dull and lifeless on stage channels left/right

I’d have to look for the tickets that I’ve mostly kept but that’s roughly a good guess off the top of my head and I have good sense for the sound when it comes to films.

Did I find myself participating in the Dolby stereo experience?

andysummers on August 14, 2009 at 6:44 am


I’ve lived in Bournemouth all my life and I’m telling you it’s the it’s the truth. I used to be projectionist for UCI and Warner village. I know what to look for and listen for.

Monkeynut on August 8, 2009 at 5:40 pm


Ive been a regular Bournemouth cinema goer for many years. There was a time when the cinemas looked tired inside and out. Within the last few years however I have noticed considerable improvements, bigger screens, new interior decor, new seats (though I’ve sat on better ones), curtains that work and coupled with big bright film presentation that has always been top quality. I’m not sure what you are on about to be honest but it seems you have an axe to grind and perhaps it is you that is ‘cracking up’?

andysummers on August 7, 2009 at 6:03 pm

Oh, as to big and loud its mostly 100dba peaks that is too toppy or bright sounding! The bass is many db below and when I does try to push anywhere near 100dbc it starts cracking up! LMAO

I’ve monitored the sound pressure level in this cinema many times.

I almost laughed when I saw The Matrix when they had the Dolby CP and a third of the rest installed around 1999. When Neo did a back flip to avoid getting hit by train the sound system distorted so badly in the low range which is between 20Hz to 40Hz that is a rough target on the frequency. Screen channel right if I’m not too mistaken.

andysummers on August 7, 2009 at 5:58 pm


Big and loud what you mean hardly any real bass much less any sub bass which they don’t have behind the screen and you got poorly ripped off, because I’ve seen what they have behind the screen and its at least nearly 50 years old or shy under 50 years that is.

Volt or Altec I don’t care which but its not JBL LOL well the HF horns are JBL 2360A the cabs are loaded with maybe JBL 2226 15”.

The cabs put out poor bass that may sound better in small cinema but not that cinema its not up to the demands of today’s cinematic digital soundtracks.

Surrounds are JBL 8330 in the poorest location why they should be on the sidewalls, now that is sheer Odeon laziness!

No subs, did I already mention that. It disgusts me. They have the nerve to charge what is it nearly £8.00? Daylight robbery!

If I was you! Hold on to your tickets and demand your money back plus extra for Odeon fibbing about saying their screen 1 is full digital, not even by half. Flipping cheek they have!

Monkeynut on June 25, 2009 at 10:50 am

Recently watched ‘Terminator 4’ at Odeon 6 (front old stalls). Amazed to see a massive new sized screen (previously was a pathetic postage stamp surrounded by black) Nice to see Odeon still making improvements on a site that is due to be closed. Sound was big and loud as you’d expect. Good one Odeon, keep it up.

drguywalker on September 15, 2008 at 7:44 am

The opening description – like all such descriptions on this site – gives disproportionate emphasis to the 30’s. What the two sentences devoted to the 1969 twinning neglect to mention are: the huge cost, the above-average design and technical content, the Quigley Award for Cinema Design, the huge Cinerama installation in Gaumont 1, the fact that this was the first Rank cinema outside of London to have a bar, that the gala re-opening involved everything from the town mayor to a hovercraft and that, above all, audiences absolutely loved it! No wonder, Ice Station Zebra opened in 70mm on on a 75 foot deep curve screen with 6 channel sound, this in 1969. That sort of experience hasn’t been bettered since!!

andysummers on May 22, 2008 at 4:34 pm

Spencer Clark and Dave are Odeon Wet Fish Muppets. Dave looks like a frigging wonky one eyed wombat, when looking at you; you just try not to laugh because he really does look like the wonky one eyed wombat.

just spreading the good and truthful joy of the lows and highs thou there are more lows than highs and its something this cinema still can’t even achieve with scandalous overpriced tickets for Frankenstein seating that feels like a crap bench down the carp beach and with carp sound to top it off with and dts that is made worse with piss poor donkey Muppet calibration that is so shameful it has to me mentioned publicly…

as the worse sounding cinema still to this day! Indian Jones was totally let down with too bright a sound and nothing to punch you, with solid sound reinforcement. I would have rather watched The Jazz Singer on there piss poor crap for crap sound system then dts being played it as its worse sigh.

andysummers on November 10, 2007 at 8:14 pm

So those are not Altec A-4 behind the screen. I’ve been going there since the early 1970’s and the upstairs screen does like very nice it’s a pity the sound doesn’t measure up with today’s digital demands because the last film I saw there was Batman Begins in dts, and it sounded dreadful it was too bright sounding close to 100dbA that’s too LOUD! Bass just distorted on one screen channel, “right” all the time since they installed Dolby CP-500 and QSC and a few dozen surrounds JBL 8330. but they paid no attention to removing those old loudspeakers that where installed in there back in the 1960’s.

No sub bass channel array behind the screen, and the last time I saw behind the screen the HF horns left and right where placed on the floor! The centre channel HF horn was where it was supposed to be. What was the chief projectionist thinking at that site by placing the HF horns on the floor! All the directional sounds where lost on raiders of the lost ark and the rest of the Indiana Jones films that where shown there around 2003 I think each week rather than back to back in one night, poor show that was.

drguywalker on June 26, 2007 at 11:11 am

Odeon 1 is now the last unsubdivided ‘roadshow’ house from the era of Rank’s sixties twinning projects. It’s also the last original un-subdivivided ‘cinerama’ auditorium in the country. The auditorium is almost circular and the end wall is deeply curved with huge gold glass fibre curtains and red/blue/yellow ceiling rim lighting. Completing the authentic sixties experience is the brown and gold painted stippled plaster and, I kid you not, the original Vitavox loudspeakers. If this cinema were a car it would be called ‘a future classic’ – catch it while you can, particularly from the front row where a little bit of the cinerama experience lives on…

Ken Roe
Ken Roe on June 5, 2007 at 6:20 am

Here are 3 exterior photographs of the Odeon Bournemouth:
As the Gaumont Theatre in 1976
As the Odeon in 1989
A close-up of the entrance at night in December 2006 showing the ‘new’ Odeon signage