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Orpheum salutes Shirley Temple

The Orpheum’s summer movie series will have a special matinee screening this year to salute the late great Shirley Temple. This Friday the 25th they’ll have a 1:30pm showing of “The Little Princess.” Best of all, they’ll also be hosting tea parties before and after the show. more


Dixie to close

The Dixie Theater will close on July 27 due to rising expenses. It’s particularly upsetting given they only recently spent thousands converting two of their four screens to digital. It’s unclear what its owner, Staunton Performing Arts Center, plans to do with the building but before it closes, they’ll be screening some fan favorites like “Back to the Future” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” more


St. Albans Drive-In closes

It’s still unclear why but the St. Albans Drive-In has closed for good. After 66 years in business, it’s now up for sale. more


Oaks to get even better

The Oaks Theater is expanding to more than just movies. After recently getting a digital prohjector, they’re now adding two stages and a full-service bar. They’ll lose some seats but will now be open to live performances as well. more


Is Warner Bros. Hollywood at risk?

The former Warner Bros. Hollywood Theatre hasn’t had a regular tenant since the church that rented on Sundays vacated a year ago. Now the owner is quietly looking at options but the level of preservation is in question. Many have proposed it as a live theatre venue but is that actually a viable alternative? more


AMC announces massive reseating project

It doesn’t take much reading between the lines to understand why AMC is spending $600 Million to reseat their auditoriums. They plan on raising prices further down the road after patrons get used to them. more

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