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Homer theatre for sale

It’s been a labor of love for its owners for the past 12 years but they’re putting the Homer Theater back up for sale. This time however, the new owners will get a theatre all set for the next generation of moviegoers. In recent years, the theatre has been extensively renovated with new seats, digital projection and a remodel of the lobby area. They have the distinction of being one of the only small-town theaters that present Metropolitan Opera broadcasts and have even launched a successful documentary film festival. more


Capitol to get new life as a luxury movie theater

The deep history of the Capitol Theatre is about to take another turn with plans to convert it into a luxury theatre. Shuttered since 2010, the plan is to replicate the work done on St. Louis' Moolah Theatre which means upscale touches like leather couches and loveseats. more


Butts saved in Fairfax

Patrons probably thought the digital conversion recently at the University Mall Theatres would be the last upgrade for a while for the second-run theater, but even bigger things are coming. After not knowing anything about Kickstarter months ago, the operator launched a “Save Our Butts” campaign to replace the aging seats and have already reached the $100,000 goal. Improvements to the floors are next. more


Russellville Roxy opens its doors again

After 40 years in darkness, the Roxy Theatre was reopened last week for a documentary film screening. With a new projection system, there’s more to come too. more


Texting encouraged in some Chinese theaters

Theaters in China have been experimenting with technology that projects audience tweets onto the screen during a movie. While many are concerned about the ramifications of such technology damaging the theater experience, others are praising it due to it being somewhat of an organic progression as more and more Chinese watch films on mobile devices. Are other countries next? more


Last independent movie theater in Beaver County closing

The summer of 2014 may be remembered as the last hurrah of many older theaters that couldn’t make the jump to digital. The Ambridge Family Theater closed its doors after almost 50 years in business. The owners are putting it in the market so maybe an enterprising younger steward can help it along. They’ll have to buy a new projector first though. more

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