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After it was decided that the Paramount Theatre in Aurora would produce its own Broadway-style shows, Jim Corti was chosen as the theater's first artistic director.

Several years ago, the Paramount Theatre in downtown Aurora announced it was going to try something audacious: putting on its own Broadway-style shows. more


What it Takes to Save a Neighborhood Theater on Detroit's East Side

For decades, neighborhood cinemas were commonplace throughout the city of Detroit. Today, just a handful remain, and only the Redford Theater in northwest Detroit and the Senate Theater on the city’s west side have been restored and feature regular programming. But if an east side nonprofit group is successful, the Redford and Senate will soon have a cross-town compliment in the Alger Theater. more


Restoration News From the Garden Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA

To generations before ours, the Garden was known as a lovingly cared-for theater that thrived as a cultural center for the neighborhood. Three new developments, finally, are pushing the Garden Theater block closer to becoming a source of community pride once again. more


The Theatre on Your Street: The Historic Huntridge Theatre in Las Vegas Will Not Get Renovation

The Historic Huntridge Theatre is Las Vegas will not get the renovation hoped for by Michael Cornthwaite, Joey Vanas and inspired Vegas residents. It was an ambitious idea that brought the community together. But a plan to buy and renovate the historic Huntridge Theater appears dead. Two years ago, Michael Cornthwaite and Joey Vanas ignited the imaginations of Las Vegas residents when they announced plans to renovate the 71-year-old Huntridge Theater on Charleston Boulevard at Maryland Parkway. more


Historic Arcada Theatre in St. Charles IL.

The Daily Herald shared a slid show featuring the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles, IL. Designed and funded by Lester Norris, the Spanish influenced theater opened on Labor Day, Sept. 6, 1926. The premiere showcased a film called “The Last Frontier” and Vaudeville acts of Fibber McGee and Molly Lor. more


Historic Admiral Theatre to Get Substantial Makeover

When you step inside the Admiral Theatre, it’s as if you’re stepping back in time. That’s because the West Seattle movie house, which sits along California Avenue SW, has gone largely untouched—save for a few tweaks in the ‘60s and '70s—since opening in 1942. (The theater first opened in 1919 as the Portola. You can read more about its extensive history here.) more

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