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"Cinema screens return to medieval town of Rye" From Rye, England.

A cinema has returned to the medieval town of Rye, in East Sussex, after a break of nearly 40 years. more


"Introducing the UK's first 4D cinema with shaking seats, water spray and scents" From Milton Keynes, England.

A British cinema is preparing to unveil the UK’s first 4D screen – where audiences are rocked in their seats and sprayed with water to simulate movie scenes. more


"Unveiling Brooklyn’s magnificently restored Kings Theatre" From Brooklyn, NY.

Brooklyn legend has it that a teenage Barbra Streisand pointed to the marquee of the Loew’s Kings movie palace and said, “Someday, my name is going to be up there.” more


"OC Teen Leads Crusade to Ban Drinking at Cinema" From Aliso Viejo, CA.

A teenager is leading a crusade to prevent alcohol from being served at an Orange County cinema. more


"Santa Monica's Aero Theatre regulars believe in the joy of movies" From Santa Monica, CA.

Amelia Jordan was 13 when she and her family moved from El Paso to Santa Monica. more


"AMC counting on pulled-pork panini (and such) to stem moviegoing decline in Chicago" From Lombard, IL.

Would you like a side order of “Birdman” the movie with that pulled pork panini? Sound tempting? more

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