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  • movie ad
  • reserved seat ticket for Summit Cinerama
  • Envelope used for resered seat tickets
  • Reserved ticket for King of Kings
  • Ticket for Lawrence of Arabia
  • Movie ticket for the Michigan Theatre
  • Movie ticket for the Adams Theatre
  • Movie ticket for the Americana
  • Pamphlet for the grand opening of the Americana
  • Movie hand out for The Turning Point

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  • MIDWEST THEATRE 1939, 318 W. Chickasha Ave., Chickasha, OK  73108
  • Owner and marquee
  • Mid `70's photo.
  • SUGG THEATRE, Chickasha, OK 73108
  • Motor Vu Drive-In
  • SUGG THEATRE, Chickasha, OK 73108
  • SUGG THEATRE, Chickasha, OK 73108
  • RITZ THEATRE 1935, Chickasha, OK 73108
  • SUGG (AKA-Washita) THEATRE c1937, Chickasha, OK 73018
  • interior

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Photos of famous movie theaters

  • Homecoming, Diane Corby, 1957
  • Dec. 18 1981. Ticket image and copy courtesy of Blake Dickie.
  • Loews Jersey  1943
  • Radio City Music Hall
  • Cinerama Dome and ArcLight Cinemas, Los Angeles, CA
  • Ziegfeld Theatre, New York City, NY
  • TCL Chinese Theatre
  • Egyptian Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1940's photo credit Charles Weever Cushman Collection, Indiana University Archives.
  • El Capitan Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

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