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  • Hi-Way Drive-In
  • BISMARCK (PALACE) Theatre; Chicago, Illinois.
  • WILLARD Theatre; Chicago, Illinois.
  • AVALON (NEW REGAL) Theatre; Chicago, Illinois.
  • Parking garage that replaced the Garrick. The one dark panel on the right is from the Garrick.
  • Another May 1954 Mayfair Theatre street promotion for “Johnny Guitar"starring Joan Crawford.
  • 1961 photo courtesy of Stephen Sclafani‎.
  • 1930's photo courtesy of John W. Vomvoris.
  • 1951 night shot courtesy of Carl Schreiber.
  • Undated photo courtesy of Stephen Sclafani‎.

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  • Regent Theatre
  • The Beverly - 1960
  • Embassy 1,2,3 Theatre
  • Lyric Live Theater
  • Artcraft Theatre
  • Apollo Theater
  • Orpheum Theatre
  • Colonnade Theatre
  • Red Bluff Drive-In
  • Celebration! Cinema Lansing & IMAX

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Photos of famous movie theaters

  • 1947 postcard courtesy of the John Chuckman Collection.
  • 6/21/15 photo credit and copyright Pat Cannon.
  • Uptown Theater
  • Egyptian Theatre
  • Scale model of the Roxy auditorium. Photo credit Jeffrey Nickora.
  • Loew's Jersey Theatre
  • Fellini's Roma
  • 1986 photo courtesy of Robert Juzefski.
  • El Capitan Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
  • Radio City Music Hall

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