Loew's Jersey Theatre

54 Journal Square,
Jersey City, NJ 07306

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Bill Huelbig
Bill Huelbig on February 13, 2005 at 6:46 am

“Ben-Hur” at the Loew’s Jersey on March 5th – 44 years after I first saw it there when I was 6 years old. I was hoping this day would come someday.

Vito on February 13, 2005 at 4:10 am

Mitchell, which sound formats will be used for “Ben Hur” and “GWTW?

mdvoskin on February 12, 2005 at 11:47 am

The Loews Jersey’s next film weekend will be March 4-6, and is now on-line.


Loews Jersey Projection Staff

teecee on February 11, 2005 at 11:03 am

Interesting photos taken during exterior renovation, courtesy of The Jersey Journal at this link:

VincentParisi on February 3, 2005 at 7:42 am

Thanks for your response. I look forward to your next program.

mdvoskin on February 3, 2005 at 6:29 am

Hopefully if all goes well, you will see 70mm at the Loews next fall. As to a larger screen, it probably won’t happen since the theatre is also used for live performances. The current screen is the largest that can fit into the arch, and going outside the arch would make it impossible to raise the screen up into the stage loft. 60 to 70 foot portable screens are not really a viable option.

Loews Jersey Projection Staff

VincentParisi on February 3, 2005 at 6:00 am

But an image of 2.35:1 has a screen size distinctly smaller than a 1:33 or 1:85 with the type of proscenium the Loew’s has.

Shade on February 2, 2005 at 4:12 pm

I’m sure they would be into that, but I think they’d be happier if someone else was coordinating all the craziness with having a portable screen. They have a 50 x 25 now. Sure it’s not the Cinerama Dome’s 86-footer, but it’s not exactly small…

VincentParisi on February 2, 2005 at 4:05 pm

OK so let’s say I’ve died and gone to heaven.
This would be the Loew’s presenting 70mm. However they install a screen of 60 to 70 ft for just such a purpose.
The Loews is great for Vistavision(how about Vertigo, Funny Face or Strategic Air Command?) But cinemascope in that huge place is a disappointment as screen size is reduced by a third to a half.
Anyway if the people at the Loew’s(and though I don’t know you I love you all)are interested I’m for starting a NY wide-screen club and working to find a way to make a portable screen for such events. Having no expertise in such matters I don’t know if this is even doable. Might the Loew’s be interested in something like this? Any comments?

Butch on February 1, 2005 at 10:06 am

I was there for the last show Saturday when an announcement was made that a closing theater in Washington would be donating two 70MM projectors to the Jersey. Hopefully this may encourage a 70MM festival in the future.

gabedellafave on February 1, 2005 at 9:24 am

I was also there on Saturday, but only for the first film. Nice presentation! I highly recommend this venue to anyone who cares about seeing classic films in their original environment. The theatre itself will knock your socks off. It is an amazing sight to see. Not only is it huge and ornate, but it is largely intact — a definite time warp to c. 1929.

YMike on February 1, 2005 at 5:18 am

Was there Saturday. Nice prints on both films.

VincentParisi on January 11, 2005 at 6:30 am

I can’t believe it. Finally somebody there who can program films suitable for a movie palace. Sorry for the sarcasm guys but it’s been too long. Keep up the good work!

YMike on January 11, 2005 at 5:16 am

They are showing the 1940 “Thief Of Bagdad” as well as “The Adventures Of Robin Hood” on Jan.29. Hope they get nice prints. Both films should look great on a big screen.

bruceanthony on December 31, 2004 at 11:12 am

I think a good rotation of quality films from 1930’s,1940’s,1950,s,1960’s,and films after 1970 would attract a large audience. A studio tribute to M-G-M during its 80th birthday would tie in Loew’s Jersey’s historical past.Maybe at the end of the tribute a new M-G-M film such as “Be Cool” with John Travolta and Uma Thurman could be premiered or shown. Maybe someone could contact MGM and gain some publicity for the Loew’s-MGM connection as well as promoting there new film. Its ironic that MGM will soon be part of Sony and at one time Sony ownded a 50% interest in Loew’s theatres.brucec

RobertR on December 10, 2004 at 11:58 am

I’m suprised they would only run My Fair Lady on a Friday night and not both nights. What kind of stereo equiptment is the theatre using right now?

VincentParisi on December 10, 2004 at 11:37 am

Having enjoyed your programs enormously and finding the individual you are refering to always a pleasure to speak with and a charming host in his introductions one can only regret any misunderstandings the two of you have had as your previous relationship did the theater proud.

VincentParisi on December 10, 2004 at 9:48 am

What they are doing now makes no sense to me. They want to contiue to show classic films at the Loew’s. Yet they show films that are R rated or innapropriate for the family or they show films that as great as they are really need a rest. Am I missing something?

JimRankin on December 10, 2004 at 9:39 am

Poor Bob Furmanek; he has noticed what I have: that the theares are often far sweeter than the people who own and run them.

VincentParisi on December 10, 2004 at 8:58 am

Just saw the holiday schedule. Wow. A Christmas Story and It’s a Wonderful Life.
Calling Bob Furmanek
The Loew’s is in desperate, desperate need of a film programmer who knows what will play well in a movie palace and what films have not been played to death. Guys, you have struggled so much and done such magnificent work. Why are you wasting these weekends?

Divinity on November 20, 2004 at 11:12 pm

The theatre is owned by the city and leased by the Friends of the Loews, as it has been for quite some time. They should be safe for the next few years, since the mayor and city council signed an agreement with them, (thanks to the supporters and friends of the loews) granting them a new lease.
Dont worry darling. Everything should be just fine.
I shall be there for the performance after attending Sunday service at the lovely Stanley theatre (Assembly Hall) across the street.

Ken Roe
Ken Roe on November 20, 2004 at 6:15 am

This is performance of G&S “Iolanthe” performed by the Ridgewood Gilbert & Sulivan Opera Co.. Sunday 21st November 2004 at 2:00pm Admision is FREE. A great opportunity to see the Loew’s and also see the stage being used. I wish I could be there.

SwankyJohn on November 20, 2004 at 5:48 am

The marquee is scaring me – it’s announcing a Gilbert & Sullivan program that’s presented by the mayor and city council…. does that mean the Friends of the Loews lost the fight? Can someone give us all an update on the situation?

Divinity on November 14, 2004 at 3:45 pm

I believe that the balcony cannot be opened until the fire escape and upstairs emergency exits are restored.