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123leearnone commented about Boston Opera House on Apr 25, 2012 at 6:52 am

Hi, stumbled across this site and was thrilled to see comments on the Savoy theater. I was the manager of the Savoy from about 1970 to 1972 ? Before the Savoy I was at the Music Hall. The comments brought back forgotten memories. Wow. Cedric Henderson was the black assistant manger great guy as I remember. John Goyack was my assistant. I left the theater and traveled for a year to Columbia South America, went to an island called San Andreas. This was at the recommendation of one of the girls from BU if I recall. Then went to Los Angeles to study film making and acting. Lived in LA for almost fourty years, in Marina Del Rey. Now I live on a ranch in New Mexico. After moving to LA I changed my first name to Lee from Laurie and it is Arnone. Thank you for the thoughts. Lee